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a drink of water

No description

sadeel saleh

on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of a drink of water

in a town called Trinidad there was a farmer called Manko and his wife Rannie who are hoping to send they're son Sunny to college in the capitol but unfortunately there is a big drought happening and the only source of water is the village's dirty and muddy river and the only way to drink it was by boiling it and putting sugar with it,the people pray for the god of rain (parjanya) but nothing has happened a few days later a man called Rumpersad dug a well and water flood out of it, at first it was a free but his wife made him sell the water ,then a few days after all of manko's saving went to waste from buying water and because of the thirst Rannie made a fatal mistake by drinking dirty river water and not realizing that so she immediately got sick, manko and his son thought it was because she was really thirsty . so at night manko went out to steal some water from rampersad and sunny had the same idea While they were steeling the water they come across a watch dog and then the dog attacks Manko and Sunny. Luckily Manko and Sunny managed to escape and managed to blend in with others who have now woken up. As they were leaving it started to rain and Manko finds out that Ranny has recovered.

"they would lose their crops and livestock and face starvation and death"
they would have to survive without crops and they also wonder that they will need to face starvation or death

"boil, with a little sugar to make it drinkable, it had to do"
the villagers are desperate to have a drink so they would do anything to make the water drinkable.

"who was that, thiefing my water!?"
Manko and sunny made a crime by stealing Rampasad’s water.

"it was a miracle. ...fever was gone"
the end of the story they have joy because Rannie’s fever started to go away.

through the story feelings have been shown as :
Fear:"Yellow furnance in the sky was.... the great drought in Trindid"
The author described fear of not having rain by describing the sky to say that it is a furnace and it usually refers to flame.

"everyone was expecting the sky to burst open with rain...fill dry streams of water"
This portrays that everyone is hoping for rain to burst and to fill the dry streams of water.

a drink of water
samuel selvon
Samuel Dickson Selvon was born in San Fernando in the south of Trinidad, the sixth of seven children. His parents were East Indian: his father was a first-generation Christian immigrant from Madras and his mother's father was Scottish. He was educated there at Naparima College, San Fernando, before leaving at the age of 15 to work. He was a wireless operator with the Royal Naval Reserve from 1940 to 1945. Thereafter, he moved north to Port of Spain, and from 1945 to 1950, worked for the Trinidad Guardian as a reporter and for a time ,
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