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Grand Canyon

A Presentation about the Grand Canyon national park.

mauricio lecaros

on 25 June 2010

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Transcript of Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon
How was it created? -A US National Park
-One of the natural World Wonders
-Big and well-known canyon with
an impressive view It was created by the Colorado River, which flowed through the bottom of the canyon What is it? Where is it? Arizona Geography Massive rift (Bruch) in the Colorado Plateau
450 km long
Very deep(more than 1.5 kilometer of depth in some parts) Geology -Rocks are more than 200 million years
-The Colorado River caused an
erosion about 40 million years ago.
-Volcanic activities laid ashes and lava Facts - 5 Millions visitors every year
- National park founded by President Benjamin Harrison
-17 Million years old Climate Highest temperature: 29°C in July
Lowest temperature: -8°C in January.
At the north side of the canyon it can
snow; in 2005 there were 5m snow. North side air: much more watery than south side air (rains more) Atractions Air On Foot In the Water THere are a lot of attractions in the water, like an exciting tour on kayak ended with a calm boat tour through the quiet river. There is an organisation named Adventure Grand Canyon, which is offering a lot of diversion and an exciting trip. You can take a 15 min helicopter tour to see this natural wonder from the air and can enjoy this view, which you can only have when you are taking this tour. You can also rent an airplaine and fly through this beautiful landscape. There are a lot of trails if you want to go hiking, but the most famous atraction by foot is the skywalk, a 1200m high horseshoe, in which you can take a walk above this incredible canyon. End
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