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No description

Sara Ramirez

on 2 September 2010

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Transcript of The WASH

The WASH The WAter SHelter Presented by Sara Ramirez Homeless Parks Bridges Streets What The WASH has to Offer: Showers Laundry Facilities Restrooms Mission: Reach out to local individuals who are poverty stricken and homeless and gift them with the luxury of a hot shower and clean set of clothes. Vision: Within the next three years, The WASH will be created into a central place of outreach amongst Grand Rapids providing water resources in the form of public restrooms, showers, drinking fountains, and laundry facilities. Target Research: Target Market United States Poverty Rates Housing Occupancy in Grand Rapids Poverty in Grand Rapids Pastors Ministry Volunteers Ministry Board Members Non Profit Organizers Church Members Deacons Chaplains Conversations with: Family Feedback Recieved: 17 completed surveys: - 4 target market
- 13 professionals What We Are About: Lots of very positive feedback!

Lots of people willing to support:
- Financially
- Volunteering
- Donating Supplies

Lots of suggestions:
- Security
- Places to play games
- Enrichment classes
- Bible Studies
- Cooperations with Churches
Benefits Boosts in Self esteem A Feeling of Clean Clothes that are Clean Someone to Talk To Drinking Water Water Resources to Use Their Needs are Met!! Features of The WASH: 8 to 10 Shower Suites Sinks Public Restrooms Washers and Dryers Folding Tables Books and Magazines to Read Drinking Fountains Tolietries Tables and Chairs to Use A Friendly Atmosphere About Me Hanging Out Line Dancing Bible Studies Working Parties Having Fun!! With Friends At VAI I Want to Make a Difference!! Most Importantly, My Place To Start will be Grand Rapids, MI My Next Steps: Get A Grant!! Build The WASH!! Opening The WASH!! Getting Certified As A Nonprofit!! Writing Grant Proposals Know How Much It Will Cost
Know Where to Get Grants Getting Sponsors Steps to follow on Michigan's Nonprofit Association Website Know What To Do Putting Together a Board That Shares My Vision Filing Papers Through the IRS
and Bureau of Commercial Services Getting a EIN Collect Donations In No Time I Will Be Making A Difference!! Working With Other Nonprofits in GR The Other Way Mel Trotter Guiding Light Mission Degage Competition? ANY QUESTIONS??
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