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Ana Gómez García

on 11 June 2015

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Transcript of CANADA

Canada is a constitutional monarchy, and a parliamentary democratic federal system.
His laws come from the laws of the UK, but with some changes. The politic system in Canada is the Westminster system.
Isabel II is the queen of Canada, the Chief of state, and she delegates a general governor that represents her.

Canada’s Parliament is formed by the monarchy, the Chamber of Commons, and a Senate. The senators are delegated by the general governor.

The anthem of canda is “Oh, Canada” and the Royal anthem is “God save the queen”
Canada is a country situated in the nothern part of North America, this country have 9.98 million square kilometres in total divided in ten provinces and three territories.
The population of Canada is 35,675,834 people and a density of 3.41/km2
The capital of Canada is Ottawa, it's the fourth bigest city in Canada and it has 2.148.785 of residents. It's located in the southeast of the province of Ontario
Canada is the second world's largest country.
It's located between the Pacific Ocean in the west and the Atlatic Ocean in the east. And in the north there is the Artic Ocean. Canada makes border with the United States in the south.
Total area: 9,984,671 km2 (3,855,103 sq mi)
• Land 91.08%
• Water 8.92%

The two official languages spoken in Canada are English and French, 67.1% and 21.5% of the population speak them.
But there are also others non-official languages like Chinese, Punjabi, Spanish, Italian and Arabic.
The national flag of Canada known as the Maple Leaf, was designed by George Stanley. It's red and has got a white square in the center, where there is a red maple leaf.
Red and white are the official colours of Canada and the maple leaf represents the nature and flora of this country.
The most important cities of Canada are Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, City of quebec, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Kitchener.
The official coin of Canada is the Canadian dollar ($ or C$).
1 C$ = 0'71€.
1'40 C$ = 1€.
And the main regions are Ontario, Quebec and Alberta
Canada's most important river is The St. Laurence river wich is 3058 kilometres long, begins at Ontario lake and flows into Gulf St. Laurence.
Mackenzie river is the largest of Canada, 4.241 kilometres long and the ninth largest river in the world. It's in Northwest Territories, begins at Great Slave Lake and flows into the Beaufort Sea.
Other important rivers of Canada are the Yukon and the Columbia (which flow through U.S. territory) and the Nelson, the Churchill, and the Fraser.
Mountains and lakes
Other important mountains in Canada are Mount Logan, Mount St. Elias , which is the highest mountain in Canada and second in North America.
In Canada we can find numerous mountain ranges like the Appalachians formed 480 million years ago.
Mount Robson is the highest mountain with about 3954 meters of height
The coastline of Canada is very irregular. Canada is the country where there are more lakes , it has 31 lakes covering an area of over 1,300 square kilometers.
The most important lakes are Ontario Lake, Huron Lake, Great Bear Lake and Athabasca Lake.
About 400 species in Canada are in risk of extinction. We can found lots of differents kinds of animals in Canada:
We ca found lots of bisons at Waterton Lakes National parcks
They are the largest terrestrial animal in Europe.
The quantity of carps in Canada is increasing a lots in the last years. We can easily found them in Lake Michigan
Since 1990 moose population have decreased a lot, we don't know why but we think probably about wlobal warming
It's a kind of salmonid who live in cold water, so the Pacific Ocean in Asia and North America is a great place.
It's a kind of salamanders but bigger
In Canada we can found twelve differents kinds of turtle and that is the most common.
The most important and common birds of Canada are the Snowy Owl, Canada Goose and the Common Raven
The highest court in Canada is the Supreme Court of Canada

The main politic parties are the Conservative, Liberal, and New Democratic Party.

Before the Europeans arrived to Canada, there lived people from Asia and Siberia.
Since this year to 1914, Canada was expanded, until it was like it is now.
The first man who got to Canada was John Cabot, but the first man who took possessions of the territory was Giovanni Verrazano, who served the French King
France tried to found New France in Canada, but there was a war between France and England, and Canada finally was part of the English empire. During the United States Independence War, Canada was a shelter for the loyal people to the English crown.
United States attacked some Canadian territories to try to get English people out of America.
Between 1867 and 1914, Canada started to fight for their independence, and in 1869 a revolution headed by Louis Riel, but they didn´t expanded Canada at all.






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Most of the information is from the ENCYCLOPEDIA: Gran Larousse Universal, P&J
Manuel Coca Real
Ana Gómez García
Alejandro Maceras García
1. Main facts
2. Geography
3. Politics
4. History
5. Webgraphy
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