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What Does The Character Look Like? How Does he carry himself

No description

Alexander Destino

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of What Does The Character Look Like? How Does he carry himself

What Does The Character Look Like? How Does he carry himself? How does he dress?
-The Creature has a very unattractive appearence. Throughout the book there are numerous examples of this "hideous" appearence.
-The creature has very bad body language due to the fact of all of the hate and mean looks he recieves in his life.
-The creature is in a large, tan trench coat, freakishly bigger then other humans.
-His limbs were in proportion, and i had selected his features as beautiful. His yellow skin scarcely covered the work of his muscles.
Where was this character born? How was she/he raised
-The character was not born in a specific part of the world, he was constructed by Victor Frankenstien.
-Not only was he not raised by Victor, his creator, but he was abandoned shortly after his creation.
- "It is with considerable difficulty that i remember the original era of my being: all the events of that period appear confused and indistinct."
How Does This Character Speak? Does he/she have any identifiable speech patterns
What is the Characters main motivation? Why?
-"I discovered also another means through which i was enabled to assist their laborers. I quickly discovered and, and brought home firing sufficient for the consumption of several days."
- Towards the beggining of his life he had a kind, loving heart towards humans due to the fact that he had not interacted with them, after that however he despised them because of the constant harrasment.
Descibe any redeeming qualities this character may have.
looks nasty good inside, helps with wood feels bad about
-The creature has a disgusting, disturbing appearence, but under his skin he is a genuine, caring person.
-As a past quote says, the creatur efinds much pleasure in helping humans such as the retrieving of wood.
-And when he kills someone he feels bad about it, and regrets it.
Analyze the Characters personality flaws. From what do they stem? How do they effect the chioces he makes?
-Due to the appearence he is given he is often insulted or ran from when he fries to interact with humans. This makes him extremely upset and angry.
-He was abandoned very early in his life, leaving it up to him to learn the basics of life.
-His quick temper and the seeking for revenge would haunt him throughout the entire novel.
Describe the time period in which this character lives. How do the times affect the characters thinking and actions.
-This book takes place in both Switzerland and London in between 1816-1817.
-I believe thanks to this time period the amount of police involved in the different murder cases is much different then it would have been now a day. Due to this there is almost more lean way for someone to get away with things like that.
-Thanks to the lack of police involvement and the smaller populations then now a days set the perfect setting for things like these to occur.
-The creature speaks English however it is rather broken and sounds like he only recently learned the language -thouroughly.
-Very deep, manly voice.
-"Sometimes i tried to immitate the pleasent songs of the birds but was unable, but the uncouth and inarticulate sounds which broke from me frightened me into silence again."
Choose an object this character holds or would hold dear. Explain the connection.
-The home that he stayed outside and learned many ways of life.
-Without this home he would not speak the language he does, or have nearly the common sense that he does. They taught him many different things without even meaning to due to his evesdropping on them.
Does this character have any secrets? If so, explain.
-The creature does not, however Victor does.
-Victors secret is the creature. Throughout the story he wants to have nothing to do with the creation of the creature and will play it off or try to stay away from talking about the creation.
-He is not proud of the creation and does not want to be connected to the creation.
Who would be this characters contemporary counterpart? Explain your choice.
-His contemporary counterpart would have to be Victor. Without Victor not only would the creature not be alive, but their would be nothing to write about due to the fact that their would be no revenge or action.
-Throughout the novel their is an unspoken hate, yet love between the two characters. This is shown by the creature never actually killing Victor, instead he killed everyone close to him.
By:Alex Destino
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