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My game pitch

Aaron Cowman

on 28 February 2015

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Transcript of Geoffland

The Overview!
Art Style - Cell shading
Genre - Collect-a-thon/Adventure
POV - First Person
Game Pitch - Aaron Cowman
Setting (Where the Game is Based)
In a Strange world Called GeoffLand
Brief Story Overview
What Happened?
Concept Art
Geoffland: The Great Cat-astrophe
The Cat Nip Bomb
Ammo Box
Geoffs' Disguise
The Player
The Players Gun
Multiple Worlds
Kidnapped & Knocked Unconscious
Thrown Down a Hill
Wake up in a Weird World
What Happens After That
Begin to Explore
Find out there are evil cats trying to kill you
Help Find and Stop What is Causing the Cats to Attack.
The Protagonist - John (Can be Renamed)
Helpful Guide - Dave (Also Can Be Renamed)
Dave follows you around helping you through the game if you are struggling.
This is the person you play as.
The Big Bad Cat - Barry AKA Mr Cuddles
This is the Evil Villain.
An Old Lady - Cheryl
This is a woman that tell you what is happening and tells you what to do throughout the story.
Cut Scene Idea

A car drives along a bridge while in pitch black darkness and stops in the middle.
A car boot opens and the camera is looking out if the boot at two giant birds.
The birds then pull a bag out of the back of the car and throw it on the floor near the railing of the bridge.
The camera than zooms out to get a full view of the bridge.
When the camera is zoomed all the way out the birds will throw the bag of the edge of the bridge into the water.
Because the cut scene will be reasonably dark the cut scene will not have much detail so it will be easier to model.
I will release my game on kick-starter and I will put up that I need seven or eight thousand pound for everything I need.
This will be what I need to buy;
Autodesk Maya - £3100
Unreal Engine - £12.19 p/month
Creative Cloud - £548.78 p/year
Fruity Loops - £258.16
I will need a decent enough computer to run all the programs, this will cost around £400
I will need to hire some people to my team to help me create this game; the job roles I could fill are;
Music Artist
Contingency Plan
If all goes well with my game and it get lots of sales i will think of making a sequel or adding content to the current game using the money I made from this game.
If the game does reasonably well I end up breaking even i will see what I need to do to make things better for the audience.
If the game is a complete flop I will ask the people who played it where I went wrong and what they would like me to add.

I will be doing my work at home and at college using the resources that are available.
Legal & Ethical Issues
The legal issues I may run into is that I am kind of using characters from other games. i am using there face and helmets on the front of a cardboard box to disguise the collectable Geoff as other people. For example I have a disguise called Froggy-Geoff, this is models after the Froggy-G on the Steam game AwesomeNaughts.
I don't believe that I will run into any ethical issues making my game.
The Deadlines
16/2/15 – begin to think about what you will need to model in your cut scene
17/2/15 – model all of the models you will need inside of your cut scene
18/2/15 – think about all of the animated models in your cut scene (about 2-3)
23/2/15 – start to design and create texture for your models in Photoshop
5/3/15 – apply the textures to all of the models that need textures
10/3/15 – start to think about putting your models together to create the cut scene
15/3/15 – insert the animated models into your cut scene
16/3/15 - get all the models aligned to how you want them to be
18/3/15 – begin to animate the camera
20/3/15 – create a first render of my cut scene
21/3/15 – if changes are to be made I would use the time left to fiddle and fix the problems
17/4/15 – hand in the completed render of your cut scene

Cut Scene Restrictions
30,000 polygon budget, this is to include both the scene and animation objects.
2048x2048 texture maps for animation objects. No larger than 1024x1024 texture maps for scene objects.
All texture maps must be .tga file format.
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