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MKT 320 Spring 2014 Group Project

Tyler Neely

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Jaguar

1922: Swallow Sidecar Company founded by Sir William Lyons and William Walmsley
1944: SS Company changes name after WWII
1950s: Jaguar wins The Le Mans 24 Hours Race five times
1966: Jaguar merges with BMC
Aims & Corporate Values

SWOT Analysis
Strengths: legacy, research and development, high performance vehicles, luxury, advertising

Weaknesses: limited selection of models, stigma of an "older man's car," lack of economies of scale

Opportunities: increase selection of models, attract younger customers, international expansion, energy-efficient vehicles, interactive customer experience

Threats: competitors in car category and luxury category, gas prices, general economic conditions


Current Retail Store
Jaguar and Land Rover mixed together

Poor showroom & lighting

Products too close to one another

No uniqueness for vehicles

Does not convey brand image & mission statement

Neither dynamic or alive

Fails to create warm & welcome environment
Separate form Land Rover
Free standing site
Customized presentation
Customer Service
Better lighting
Better Location
Do you feel


1968: BMC merges with the British Leyland MC
1984: Listed on the London Stock Exchange
1989: Acquired by Ford
2008: Acquired by Tata Motors, along with Land Rover
Throughout its history: Jaguar appears in films and is licensed for use by the Royal Family, sending a powerful message that compliments its branding strategy
New Purchasing Experience


New Electric Car Idea
Jaguar's focus on performance and "alive" cars has ignored the Green Movement
Tesla taking luxury and performance market share with their electric cars
Jaguar is trying to establish a new and revitalized image
Make new electric car with technology similar to Tesla's
Maintain Jaguar performance and
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