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Jason Ebner

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of Your Presentation

Explain why it is a Modern Marvel
Introduce your Modern Marvel
Your Presentation
The Product or solution must be designed to meet certain minimum standards. How it exceeds those standards suggests how luxrious or special it is.
Is the building up to codes and regulations to provide safe user operation.
Example: Fire exits, and shelters built to keep people safe.
The appealof the building, what makes it obviously famous. Appearance is what attracts people to use the building/environment.
Is the building designed so that it does not adversely affect the environment. All ways your building harms or damages your environment must be considered.
Using your information, defend your Modern Marvel's existence.
Reason's for
Using your information to attack your Marvel's existance.
The Product or solution must fulfill its intended purpose.

Human Factors Engineering is one form of erogonomics (how the human form fits in a chair)
We are concerned with how a building fits into the environment it is put into, and does it allow for maximum ease of use and efficiency.
The building was created with the least cost without sacraficing safety. Costs are often cut to improve profit. However, did those cuts make the building less safe?
Reason's against
Environmental Considerations
Tianhe-2 or Milky Way-2
33.86 petaflops per second
Mr. Mathews is helping you with this. This is why you are writing the Persuasive Essay in his class. To apply it to your presentation!
Bigger isn’t always better. Mankind has a preoccupation with size, and sometimes this brings deadly results. The RMS Titanic is a great example of size being a bad thing—it was only a matter of time before it sank. The Titanic was environmentally unfriendly, its design affected its functionality, and it was a bad idea economically (it was too expensive for most people). I truly feel the Titanic was a terrible engineering mistake.

Example Opening Paragraph.
Show off your Model here.
Example: A building originally built for school was also built so securely, it could be used as a bomb shelter.
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