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The Akatsuki Organization

No description

Anthony Lechner

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of The Akatsuki Organization

The Akatsuki Sasori of the Red Sand Age: 35 The Akatsuki's puppetmaster Itachi Uchiha Age: 21 The Akatsuki's sharingon Hidan Age: 22 The Akatsuki's immortal Deidara Age: 19 The Akatsuki's Artist Konan Age: Unkown The Akatsuki's angel Nagato (Pain) Age: Unkown The Akatsuki's leader Kabuto Yakushi Age: 23 The Akatsuki's scholar Kakuzu Age: 99 The Akatsuki banker (Presumed names) Tobi and Madara Age: Unkown The Akatsuki clown Zetsu The Akatsuki's Venus flytrap Kisame Hoshigaki Age: 32 The Akatsuki shark Orochimaru The Akatsuki's white snake Age: 54
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