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Simón Bolívar vs George Washington

No description

Allegra Smith

on 16 March 2014

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Transcript of Simón Bolívar vs George Washington

Born in present-day Caracas, Venezuela
Key leader in revolutions against Spanish empire
Led to the unification of a "Spain-free" federation
Known as "El Libertador"
Several figures of Latin America named after him
Who was Simón Bolívar?

Both advocated for independence
Both remain as significant figures of independence in their respected regions
Both considered "fathers of countries"
Both had been in the military
Similarities between
Bolívar and Washington
Simon vs. George
George Washington never won a major battle.
Relied on guerilla warfare to wear down the British
Eventually won through French intervention.
Simon Bolivar had strong military strategy.
Skillful use of cavalry and flanking (Battles of Carabobo and Boyaca)
Marched his army over the Andes mountains.
Received support from the British.
Spanish army was not as strong as the British army.
Military Differences
Bolivar was commonly seen as a dictator from his authoritative views. He declared himself dictator of Gran Colombia in 1828
Washington stood down from commander in chief of the Continental Army in 1783, and allowed the government to develop itself by working closely with intellectuals.
Thus Washington is the stronger leader for allowing his country to develop.
Political Differences
Simon Bolivar was a stronger general.
Was unable to create his republic.
Washington was able to set up his republic and allow it to flourish
Bolivar tried to use authority to create stability, but failed.
Winner: Washington
Bolivar was a notorious Womanizer
Bolivar had fellow revolutionary generals executed.
Bolivar came from a wealthy family but died in poverty.
Bolivar died of Tuberculosis in 1830 at 47, but never suffered any serious injuries in battle
Venezuela had its name changed to the "Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela"
Some Fun Facts:
Bolivar was looked at as a dictator rather then a leader and president.
Washington, turned down the offer to be king.
Bolivar did not want to look like a hero, rather he wanted to look like a intellectual.
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