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Kobe Bryant

No description

Dilon Bhakta

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Kobe Bryant

KOBE BRYANT Dob 7.23.78 Philidelphia, Pennsylvania He spent 8 years of his childhood in Italy Education He went to high school at
Lower Merion High School, in
Ardmore, PA Works and Achievements 4 time NBA champion 2000-2002,2009
NBA finals MVP (2009)
NBA Most valuable player {MVP} (2009)
chosen to 12 NBA all star games (1998 2000-2010)
Led NBA in scoring 2 times (2006-2007)
7 times selected to all NBA first team (top 5 players) (2002-2004, 2006-2009)
2 times all NBA second team (6th-10th best players) (2000-2001)
2 times all NBA third team (11th-15th best players) (1999,2005)
7 times selected to all Devensive first team (top 5 devensive players) (2000-2004 2007-2009)
2 times all NBA defensive team (2001-2002)
3 time Allstar Game MVP (2002,2007,2009)
1 time NBA slamd dunk contest winner (1997)
Nasmith national high school player of the year (1996) Philosophy on Life and Quotations Everything negative-pressure-challenges- its all
an oppurtunity for me to rise. - KOBE BRYANT I will do whatever it takes to win basketball games if its sit on the bench and wave a towel, hand a teamate a cup of water, or hit the game winning shot.- Kobe Bryant There is more to life than just basketball
and there is more to basketball than just basketball. Why I picked this person Because of how good he is
at basketball The willingness he has
to succeed at everything that he wants
to succeed at. Talent wins games, but
teamwork and intelligence
wins champioships- Kobe Bryant
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