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Arief Aziez

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

MALAYSIAN ECONOMICS ECO 261 CHAPTER 6 Function of government TERTIARY SECTOR By the definition, the services sector encompasses two broad categories:
i) intermediate services include several sub-sectors such as transports, storage and communication, finance, insurance, real estate and business services
ii)final services include sub-sectors such as electricity, gas and water, wholesale and retail trade, hotel, restaurants and other services Contribution of tertiary sector The services sectors contribution to Malaysia's GDP is higher.

Services sector has played an important role in the growth and development process of the Malaysian economy.

Malaysia has moved into the third stage of economic growth.

In the third stage, economic growth is no longer led by the manufacturing sector alone but powered by both manufacturing and services sectors. 1. Growth of GDP
2. Employment
3. Increase efficiency and productivity
4. Economic growth
5. Reduced administration burden
6. Gains to employee
7. Saving and revenue Other contribution of tertiary sector : 1. Regulating
2. Facilitating
3. To identify and give priority to the most important and critical project to developed
4. Government relation with private sector
5. Staff and line function
6. Policy making Definition of public sector The part of the economy concerned with providing basic government services.
In most countries the public sector includes such services as the police, military, public roads, public transit, primary education and healthcare for the poor.
Provide services that non-prayer cannot be excluded from (such as street lightning), services which benefit all of society rather than just the individual who uses the (such as public education), and services that encourage equal opportunity.
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