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Entrepreneurial Attitude. Xavier Verdaguer

Entrepreneurial Attitude. Singulars TV3

Xavier Verdaguer

on 2 December 2012

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Transcript of Entrepreneurial Attitude. Xavier Verdaguer

7/12/2008 31/3/2009 · BARCELONA · 2001 - DOTCOM CRASH happiness! Education Talent Quality of life Investors Networking Companies entrepreneurial culture TMT FACTORY :) BCN Marathon SF Marathon 2011 Marathon 2010 crisis! :) DREAMS RISK LEARN START IMPOSSIBLE - 3 Gratitudes

- Journaling

- Exercise

- Meditation

- Randon Acts
of Kindness Small Changes - new experiences

- doing things that are

- appreciating what
we have

- friends & family

- Have fun! happiness to-do list POSITIVE RISK PASSION tot es possible tot esta per fer FLOW skill level task difficulty Boredom Anxiety DREAMS Barcelona San Francisco ATTITUDE @xavierverdaguer Quality of life Education Investors Companies Networking entrepreneurial culture + - Talent ENTREPRENEURIAL www.supertramps.ws "Happiness is only real when shared"
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