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Sam Pal Sun

No description

donghui lim

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Sam Pal Sun

It is the Korean traditional game. The Sam Pal Sun means 38th parallel which divides Korea into north and south. It is a game such as tagging game.
This game's motif is North Korean people who try to escape from there.
Runner is escaping men, and tagger is guard from the North Korea.
There are some people on each team, and one team is the defense team and blocks the other team to prevent them from going to the area which is marked with a flag. Cooperation among team members is the key to winning.

In this game, we can learn how to move fast and wisely and how to follow rules because we can't change the rules in any case.

If you are the defending team, each one on your team has responsibility for your own line and own section. If you can't block the other team members by tagging them, your team will lose the game.

This is a good game, not only because it is fun, but also because it gives us a lot of opportunity to learn cooperation and responsibility
Sam Pal Sun
Sam Pal Sun
from Donghui.Lim
How to play
-Make a big square with many lines which makes 6 rooms at there.
-On first, third and fifth room the taggers stay and runners start to run in front of the square and only can stay on second, forth, and sixth room.
-When tagger start to run, they should pass the all rooms with running away from taggers and when the runner arrive at sixth room, the tagger team win.
-Tagger could only stay first, third and fifth room and can't go to second, forth, and sixth room.
About 38th pararell
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