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ISIS Refugee Crisis Presentation

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Jen Carper

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of ISIS Refugee Crisis Presentation

Why are there refugees?
ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) wants to establish itself a khalifate. To do this ISIS is destroying many peoples' homes.
Where are the refugees coming from?
Refugees are coming from ISIS area of control. Namely, Ir
Where are the Refugees going?
What problems are countries that are taking in refugees facing?
What problems are the refugees facing?
Has the United Nations intervened?
The United Nations lead the refugee protection and assistance response in support of the Iraqi authorities. (2)
What have the UN accomplished, and what are they planning to do?
What can we do to help the refugees?
The ISIS Refugee Crisis
By Phoebe Cahill, Molly Stern, Alex Min, Tomomi Lewis-Noguchi
-Source 8
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