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Cheyenne Inturri

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Denmark

Location: Above Germany, Northern Europe ( CIA.gov)


Age & Gender Structure:

Current Event
Wildlife In Denmark
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Prime Minister: Helle Thorning- Schmidt

Head of State: Queen Margrethe II

Type of Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Denmark follows the document called Danmarks Riges Grundlov
Signed on June 5, 1953
Population: 5,556,452

Ethnic make-up: Mostly Danish
Other Ethnicity's: Scandinavian, Inuit,
Faroese, German and Turkish.

Religion: Evangelical Lutheran (95%)
Other Christian (3%)
Musilm (2%)
Capital: Copenhagen (CIA.gov)
Geographic features: low and flat to gently rolling plains ( CIA.gov)
Natural hazards: Be careful for flooding in some areas of the country (CIA.gov)
Major bodies of water: Baltic Sea & North Sea, be sure to visit the beaches while you're there (CIA.gov)
Tivoli Gardens
Located in the Heart of Denmark, Tivoli Gardens is an action-packed amusement park, full of adventure and fun!
Some Rides include:

"Aquila"- This ride brings you all over the park upside down at breathtaking velocity.
Amusement park experts rate this 4G adventure as 8/10.

"The Demon"- Consisting of three massive loops, 28 meters tall, this ride will have you screaming. Your picture will be taken to capture this thrilling experience.
Labor force: 2.784 million people (CIA.gov)
Unemployment: 6% (CIA.gov)
Industry: 21.4%(CIA.gov) - chemical- 26% , iron - 2% (Wikiapedia.com)
Møns Klint
Agriculture: 1.5% - barly, wheat, potatoes, pork, dairy products, & fish (CIA.gov)
(Sheree Geo)
When it comes to exploring Denmarks beauty, Møns Klint is a must. This magnificent location is a series of chalk- white cliffs, overlooking the beautiful beach and coast below.
Fossils of squids and sea urchins can be found below the cliffs on the beach. Many tourists and locals alike scan the sand for these 70 million year old fossils.
(World Guides)
Let Them Eat Buns

Export - machinery and instruments (CIA.gov)

Import - raw materials, chemicals, and food (CIA.gov)
Immigration laws continue to get tighter and tighter in Denmark. Many of these laws are designed to make it harder for foreigners to come into the country by marriage.
Export partners - Germany 15.9%,Sweden 13.5%, UK 6.9% ,US 6.6% , Norway 6.3%,Netherlands 4.6% ( CIA.gov)
On your trip, be sure to check out the awesome wildlife!
The Killer Whale:
The largest of the Dolphin family, this creature is a fierce predator. You might get to catch one of these feeding on a seal, or maybe even a dolphin!
She-Oak Tree:
You can find this tree along the Denmark River. This tree grows up to about 30 feet, but it is known for more than its height. This trees needles are extremely soft and comfortable. It is said women would give birth under the She-Oak as it was the nicest place.

Major welfare cuts made in Denmark
Denmark was hit the hardest by the 2007 financial crisis
Young people are handing out bread at a local railway station
The cuts were made for the country to see who needs the money most
The constitutional contains the rights of citizens, similar to the US
Has a multi-party system
Denmark also has the same branches as the US
What is a multi-party system?
A system where multiple political parties can gain control of government offices
Import partners - Germany 21.2%, Sweden 13.5%, Netherlands 7.5%, China 6.4%, Norway 6.3%, UK 5.6% ( CIA.gov)
(Turkey Visit)
(World Fact Book)
(She-oaks: Like them or loathe them)
What is a constitutional monarchy?
A form of government where either a king or queen acts a the Head of State while still following their constitution
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