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No description

Kaveri Bagade

on 9 December 2013

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Call to adventure
Return/ The Gift of the goddess
THE hero in Bug's Life
their intentions are unclear because they sent Flik away to get rid of him, rather than get help

once Flik is successful, their mood and behavior change; they are more optimistic and nicer towards Flik
Threshold/ Threshold Guardian
*Threshold= Cliff
*Threshold guardian= Dandelion
The threshold separates Flik from his know world and the unknown world

To cross, he uses wits to have the dandelion carry him across
This is the circus crew. They are shapeshifters because at first their intentions were to perform a circus act. However, this intention was unclear to Flik and the ants. Eventually their intentions changed to helping the ant defeat Hopper.
He tells all the ants that they need to double the amount of food they need to collect. This motivates Flik to want to go on his adventure to get help.
He is also the shadow because he is the villain.
Eventually, Flik defeats Hopper because he can't bring Hopper to the "good side."
Dot adds a bit of humor to the story, but more importantly, she looks up to Flik. And because she is probably the only person in the beginning who likes Flik, Flik stands up for her. Also, when Flik feels down, Dot boosts his ego to keep Flik going
*Most importantly, Dot believes in Flik when no one else will.
FLik leaves to go find Helpers
All the ants were mad at Flik and he had a "trial" with the royal ants. They were trying to come up with a punishment, but then Flik suggested he should leave and the royal ants agreed because then Flik wouldn't be at the ant hill so he wouldn't be able to screw anything up.
FLik finds the "tough" Bugs
Flik goes to a bar-type place to find tough bugs. He walks in to see the newly fired circus bugs putting on an act. However, he isn't able to see when the circus bugs run away cowardly. So then he talks to the bugs and out of fear of being discovered by the bugs they were about to fight, the circus bugs agree to go with Flik without really listening to why.
THey Return to ant ISland
The circus bugs return with Flik to ant island but they just think they are going to put on a show.
All the Ants get excited
The circus bugs inspire the ants, but there is a miscommunication. The circus bugs think they are giving a performance, and the ants think the bugs are going to fight the grasshoppers.
Ants are Collecting Food for Hopper
The ants have to collect food to feed the grasshoppers. Only then, do they get to worry about food for themselves.
Flik spills all of the collected food
When the grasshoppers came, Flik was late to get into the ant hill. He then threw his invention, which knocked all of the food into a river.
THey end up getting chased by a bird
All the bugs end up being spotted by a bird and they are forced to run back to the ant hill.
Dot is almost attacked by a bird, but Francis gets knocked out while saving her
Dot falls on a dandelion and almost gets eaten by the bird. She falls just in time, however, and Francis saves her, but gets knocked out and can't move. Unfortunately, the bird is still trying to attack Dot and Francis.
THe circus bugs save Francis and dot and get away from the bird
The circus bugs and Flik distract the bird so that Francis and Dot can be saved. During this time, all the ants are watching this occur.
the ants believes the Circus bugs are Heroes
While watching the circus bugs, the ants thought the circus bugs were very brave.
Flik finds out the "tough" bugs are circus bugs
When the circus bugs realizes the miscommunication, they tell Flik that they are actually circus bugs. They then try to leave, but Flik tries to stop them.
The circus bugs try to leave
When the circus bugs try to leave, Flik chases them down and tries to convince them to stay.
Everyone participates in building the BIrd
Because all the ants are excited, they all help to make the bird.
The ants party as they wait for Hopper
The ants party while they wait for Hopper to show up. This was when the circus bugs were originally supposed to leave, but they ended up staying a little bit longer because they were having a good time.
P.T. Flea shows up and Reveals that the "Heroes" are Lousy circus Bugs
Unfortunately, P.T. Flea shows up and reveals to all the ants that the "hero bugs" are really just lousy circus bugs.
The ants find out that the bird was Flik's idea
During this time, the ants also find out that the bird was Flik's idea, not the "hero bugs' " idea.
FLik comes up with a plan to Scare off Hopper
After this, the circus bugs decide to stay. Flik then comes up with a way to scare off Hopper. His idea is to build a fake bird that they control from the inside to scare Hopper away because "even Hopper is afraid of birds." He tells this idea to the circus bugs so they can pass it off as their own idea. This way, nobody has to know that Flik screwed up.
The Circus bugs pass off the idea as their own
The circus bugs tell the idea and everyone likes it and all the ants are excited.
Hopper shows up, but there isn't enough food
Hopper shows up and is angry at the lack of food. He then takes over the ant hill and scares all the ants.
The grasshoppers stay and take all of the food
The grasshoppers stay decide to take all of the food from the island, and Hopper decides to kill the Queen to keep the ants in place.
dot hears that the Grasshoppers want to kill The queen and she goes to find Flik
Dot hears a grasshopper talking about the plans to kill the Queen. So, she goes to find Flik to help.
She, and the circus bugs, inspire Flik to go back
At first, Flik is too upset to help. He thinks that there is nothing he can do. But then Dot and all the other circus bugs help inspire Flik and then he decides to go help.
Atta tells Flik to Leave and "never come back"
The Queen says that they now aren't going to go through with the bird idea. Atta is also very upset that Flik lied to her. She tells Flik to leave and "never come back."
The ants disregard Flik's idea and begin to collect food
Then ants then rush to collect enough food to please Hopper, but there isn't much food on the island.
flik launches the bird
Flik and the blueberry troops launch the bird and everyone who doesn't know the plan, falls for the fake bird.
The plan works until P.t. Flea sets the bird on fire
This plan almost works, but then P.T. Flea sets the bird on fire because he thought it was killing off his circus act.
hopper Beats up Flik for having this idea but Flik stands up for Himself and all the ants
Flik announces that the bird was his idea. Hopper beats him up to keep Flik in place, but Flik stands up for himself by saying that the ants are better than grasshoppers and that the grasshoppers need the ants. This makes all the ants think, and they agree and all the ants stand up to Hopper.
all the ants stand together and scare all the grasshoppers away
The ants then attack the grasshoppers and this scares all of the grasshoppers away, except Hopper.
the circus bugs distract hopper while flik and dot's blueberry troop sneak to the bird
To get rid of Hopper, the circus bugs distract him and get the Queen safe. Then, once the Queen is safe, Flik and Dot's blueberry troop sneak into the bird and scare Hopper and the rest of the grasshoppers.
The circus bugs get the queen to safety
The circus bugs successfully get the queen to safety and then Gypsy gives the signal to Flik.
Flik has atta fly to the bird's nest
Flik convinces Atta to fly towards the birds nest so that he can defeat Hopper.
Hopper doesn't believe the bird is real until it eats him
Hopper tries to attack Flik, but then the bird shows up. Hopper thinks the bird is another fake, that is until it eats him.
Now all the ants are free and happy
Now all the ants are free of Hopper. They are able to just collect food for themselves and now they are really happy.
the circus bugs have to leave and flik gets the girl (atta)
The circus bugs have to leave, but not before giving respect to Flik. Also, every ant applauds for Flik and give him their respect. Flik also gets the girl, who in this case is Atta.
Hopper stays and grabs flik then flies away
The ants were going to get rid of Hopper, but then Hopper escaped, grabbed Flik, then flew away with Flik.
The Circus bugs and Atta try to rescue him
All the circus bugs try to save Flik, but they get stuck in a tree. Luckily, Atta is there to snatch Flik. Then, it is Flik and Atta being chased by Hopper.
.. Helpers
P.T. Flea
This point in the cliff is the threshold because this is where Flik crosses into the unknown world.
The terrible loss Flik suffers is being kicked out
of the colony. He feels
like he can't make a difference. This is what kills
his self confidence.
Flik proved that his bird plan worked and this earned him respect. No one is still mad at him; in fact, after, they listened to all of his ideas.
He won the gift of the goddess, which is Atta herself.
Flik wants to make a difference. Hopper brings the call to adventure when he demands the ants collect twice the amount of food. This is what drives Flik to want to help and he decides to go on an adventure to look for help. At first the royal ants say no to Flik, but then they let him go. Flik is excited to be able to make a difference.
Flik realizes that he can make a difference when Dot reminds him of a lesson that he taught her. This also reminds Flik that he is the only chance to save the ant colony.
When Atta saved Flik, Flik trusted himself to have Atta take them to the bird so that he could trick Hopper. He did this by himself because he had Atta hide. At this point, he himself "rights the wrong" and saves all of the ants from Hopper.
The transformation comes when Flik realizes that leaving was necessary so that he could save everyone. Also during the transformation, Flik gains more confidence and acts more maturely.
royal ants
One of the challenges Flik faced was being attacked by the bird. Dot was the one who needed saving and all the circus bugs helped her escape.
Another challenge they faced was building the fake bird. With this challenge, everyone helped Flik, Atta, and the circus bugs to build it to be able to scare off Hopper.
Hero and Mentor
Flik is the main character and the hero. He also acts as his on mentor, relying on his wits and creativity.
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