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Why You Talk Like That Proposal

No description

Bret Hamilton

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Why You Talk Like That Proposal

Look Book Why You Talk Like That? Malcolm London Previous winner of Louder Than a Bomb, recipient of many individual honors.

Born and raised in Chicago, active
in the Chicago activist and
community organizing scene. Inspiration and Visual References Chicago’s inner city breathes in dramatic fashion through shots of children playing, wind blowing on an empty lot where Cabrini Green once stood. Malcolm sits on a porch with a few others. He stands up, and begins to walk towards the camera as he begins to recite the poem. In a dark room a dancer stands and begins to dance. The camera retreats onto a street, where Malcolm turns onto the street and continues to recite the poem. Families standing on their porch are cut with close ups of each person’s face. Malcolm continues to walk towards the camera as frames of each of the other scenarios alternate on screen. A dancer emotes the pain and suffering of the disenfranchised that are being shown. Artists Involved: Bret Hamilton Malcolm’s voice will narrate the story with his poem, ‘Why You Talk Like That’, while various aspects of Chicago are profiled in the film. Malcolm’s poem connects with numerous Chicago hot spots such as, Cabrini Green and Hyde Park. By taking Malcolm back to these areas we hope to document the unique perspective of Chicago that he experienced while growing up. Hannah Wellever Cinematography major at Columbia College Chicago, active in social justice organizing and videojournalism. Met Malcolm through social activism in Chicago area. Cinematography major at Columbia, volunteer with Louder Than A Bomb and personal friend to Malcolm. Previously worked on a video for his poem, "Letter To My Unborn Daughter" http://luxuryawaits.com/versesandflow/videos/malcolm-london.aspx?section=Videos&videoLocation=VideoPanel
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