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blue gold

the importance of water

nourhan ahmed

on 7 May 2012

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Transcript of blue gold

Blue gold can you imagine your life with out water ??? why ??? Do you know ?!

2/3 of human body consist of water

¾ of elephants body consist of water

We need 2 L. daily No water = No life lake naser Lake Mariot “once you drink from the Nile, you will come back for more “????????? what's happening ?? Water pollution

Do you think that every one in Egypt has water running through their taps ???? of course nooooo
1:10 don't have clean water :( 80% from all illnesses in developing countries are water-related such as cholera and dysentery
About 1.2 billion people still lack safe drinking water Any suggestions??? please ...
don't pollute Painful fact 1 - the sewage system or
(the lake of it ) the Nile is the major source of drinking water in Egypt Tragically,the Nile's water is often below minimum quality standards! let's watch a video the Nile is the major source of drinking water in Egypt A major reason behind this is that only 36.1% of the egyptian population is connected to the sewage network where wastewater is treated . A huge amount of untreated wastewater is thus dumped in the nile the amount of water released into the Nile is 3.8 billion m3 per year , out of which only 35% is treated properly . let's wach another video References :

- PSC newsletter 4th year | 3rd edition p.14 , 15

- www.fao.org Presented by : Nourhan Ahmed
ElRaml sec. school
nournono26@yahoo.com gym
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