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Pope Gregory the Great

No description

Samantha Beardsley

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Pope Gregory the Great

Pope Gregory the Great Birth Born around 540 A.D. in a time of turmoil.
Politically influential family Early Career Became Perfect of Rome in 573
resigned shortly afterwards to live as a monk.
In 579 became representative of the Pope to the Patriarch of Constantinople.
Elected Pope in 590.
Was one of the Seven Deacons of Rome Papacy Became a practical governer of central Italy.
Organized the defense of Rome against the Lombards.
Sent out Missionaries such as St. Augustine.
Healed schism, revived discipline, and saved Italy by converting the wild Arian Lombards who were laying it waste.
Aided in the conversion of the Spanish and French Goths, who were also Arians.
Kindled anew in Britain the light of the Faith, which the English had put out in blood.
Guided pastors.
Set in order the Church's prayers and chants, such as the Gregorian chant.
Recognized as one of The Four Great Doctors of the Church.
Given the title of St. Gregory the Great after his death on March 12,604 A.D. ?????????? Who is Pope Gregory the Great the patron Saint of?

Title of Saint?

Feast Day of Saint Gregory The Great is one what day and month of the year? Also known as Saint Gregory the Great
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