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Vocabulary List #3 2012 - Poetry

No description

Korbin Cook

on 24 November 2012

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Transcript of Vocabulary List #3 2012 - Poetry

ELA Vocabulary List #3 Poetry The rhyme scheme of the poem was ABBA, CDDC.

Identifying the rhyme scheme is an important part of analyzing poetry. Rhyme scheme (n): the pattern of the rhymes in a poem. People often use near rhymes without realizing it.

If a poet cannot find a true rhyme, he will often use a near rhyme. Near rhyme (n): two or more words having almost the same ending sound. 2Pac uses internal rhyme throughout the song Changes.

Eminem uses internal rhyme in the song Rock Bottom Internal rhyme (n): rhyming words in the same line of poetry. Poets create a speaker if they wish to express something which they haven't experienced directly.

The speaker of a poem may, or may not, represent the poet. Speaker (n): the voice of the poem, usually NOT the poet. The song Double Essay (S.S.A) uses alliteration throughout.

Great poetry often uses alliteration to stress or emphasize important feelings or thoughts. Alliteration (n): two words in the same line with the same starting sound. Eminem is a master of assonance and uses it in almost every single one of his songs.

Assonance is sometimes more difficult to identify than alliteration. Assonance (n): two words in the same line having similar vowel sounds. Coolio introduces Gangsta's Paradise with an allusion to the Bible (Psalms 23).

Family Guy uses humorous allusions all the time. Allusion (n): a reference to something the poet thinks everyone already knows. Many country songs are lyrical poems, full of emotion and meant to express that emotion.

Garth Brooks The Dance is an example of lyrical poetry. Lyric poetry (n): poetry which reveals emotional moments in life. Country music is written in narrative poetic form.

Some of my favorite country songs are examples of narrative poetry. Narrative poetry (n): poetry which tells a story with characters, a plot, etc. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds uses imagery throughout the song.

Great poetry always includes some form of imagery. Imagery (n): pictures drawn in the reader's mind by the words of the poet. The refrain in a poem is usually a few lines.

Poets often include important thoughts or feelings in the refrain. Refrain (n): a few lines repeated almost exactly at certain intervals. Songs which rhyme randomly are written in free verse.

Many poems are written in free verse. Free verse (adj): no predictable rhythm or rhyme. A stanza is like a paragraph in poetry.

Stanzas often separate different poetic ideas or emotions. Stanza (n): a paragraph in poetry, surrounded above and below by skipped lines. All forms of poetry and music use repetition to greater or lesser extents.

Poets and song-writers use repetition during the important parts of poems and songs. Repetition (n): using a key word several times throughout a poem.
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