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Presentation of my future career.

Christina Chan

on 22 March 2017

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Transcript of Legislator

Company Logo
Outlook for Career
•Job opportunities is less likely in the future.
•In order to have this job you need to be in in elected position, or in other words, elected by the people.
•Employment is around 55,000.

Personal Opinion
Personally, I chose this career because I find it very interesting to work for the government and decide on important issues happening around the world. It is important to have someone representing and listening to the people.

More Daily Responsibilities
•Debate the excellence of proposals and bills.

•Appoint elected officials to leadership positions and approve the appointments.

•Raise funds, make public appearances as well as meeting with voters.

•Attend dinners, meetings and conferences to exchange views, information and develop political relationships with other government officials.

•Evaluate the performance of government agencies. Make sure they are functioning and working efficiently.

•Supervise cost allowances to make sure that everything is balanced by the end of the year.

•Listen to and address the concerns of people they represent.

•Seek government funding for local programs.

•Review bills and make helpful recommendations that will improve the future.

•Hear the testimonies of representatives, commission members, and others who are interested in bills and issues.

Education/Training Requirement
These are the requirements for becoming a legislator:
Working Conditions
•Working conditions vary based by your position in government.
•Some work only a few hours a week while others work long hours.
•Higher-level legislators might need to travel often and work away from home.
•Many attend meetings meeting with other government officials.
•Some work in a federal/government building.

Pay and Benefit Information

•In Massachusetts, state legislators earn around $60,000.
•The starting pay is around $16,000 and it can rise to around $90,000.
•The Median salary is $20,500 per year.

My name is Christina Chan, and I am researching to become a legislator.
Daily Responsibilities
These are some of the daily responsibilities for a legislator:

•Motivate and support someone running for a political position/office.

•Have knowledge of the type of issues happening around the world.

•When running for a political position, be able to handle your campaign, fundraisers and other organizations for your election or re-election.

•Create drafts of amendments, laws, policies, regulations, budgeting, programs and procedures.

•Vote on amendments, motions and decisions on whether to report a bill out of a committee.

•Represent your government locally and internationally.

•A four-year bachelor's degree or higher.
•Experience in politics and management positions.
•Master's degree in public administration.
•Graduate degrees in law and business.
•Courses: public financial management and legal issues in public administration.

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I conducted a survey in my class and these are the results of the students who answered the question, "Would you like to represent your government?"
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