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Killing Mr.Griffin

No description

Mason Smith

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Killing Mr.Griffin

By: Lois Duncan Characters:
Mr. Griffin David Ruggles
Susan McConnell Jeff Garret
Mark Kinney Betsy Cline Summary; Susan is a student at Del Norte High
school. She has a crush on a bot named David
Ruggles. She ran into him on a windy day that caused David to lose his homework. And the assignment was for Mr.Griffin's class.
Mr. Griffin was a very mean and stern teacher. He made everyone feel abashed in his presence. When the bell rang, only Susan had hr assignment in hand.
Mr. Griffin takes no exceptions and no excuses, so when Jeff Garret and Betsy Cline didn't have it, Griffin didn't care. You can tell the story gets interesting when Jeff says,
That Griffin's the sort of guy you'd like to kill. A scene I would like to come to life is when Jeff Garret got very mad at Mr. Griffin. CHAPTER 2
Everyone wanted a piece of Mr. Griffin. But
when the idea to kill him was announed by Mark, only Mark abided by the decision. First of all, no one was up to getting in trouble with the meanest teacher in history. But it was their only option. He won't listen to them for nothing.
To everyone else it's suicide, but to Mark it's second nature. While they were talking about this
Mark's eyes changed. It changed in a way only Jeff has seen before. Jeff knows, when those eyes change, it's game over. Chapter 10 Q and A

1. How do Mark's aunt and uncle feel
about him?His uncle thinks he's unstable, but aunt thinks he's just going thru a rough time.
2.Why do you think Mark's mother had a nervous breakdown and said she never wanted to see him again?Mark was the cause of his father's death.
3.What does David's grandmother remember about yesterday that upsets David?She thought yesterday was the day David left with his friends, but he said yesterday was the day they watched TV together.
4.In the conversation with his grandmother, what mistakes does David make that may hurt his alibi?Yelling, and being mean to Gram.
5. Why does Lt. Baca ask about their marriage?Because if she said yes, than that's probably the reason he ran off.
6.What does Mrs.Griffin say that convinces Lt. Baca to begin searching for Brian? When she said that the last thing he said was "I love you". Chapter 10 summary
This chapter has contained three different
stories within it. The first one was Jeff's mother and father talked about Mark, and what they should do about him. Mr.Kinney thinks he's dangerous, but Mrs.Kinney thinks he's just going through a rough time.The second one contained The Ruggles family. This is the first time David got ANGRY. His grandmother thought yesterday was when he went off with his friends, but David said that was when they watched TV together.
The last story involved Mrs.Griffin. She was worried about her husband, so she contacted detective James Baca. A scene I would like to reenact the kids' conversation. A scene I would like to reenact would be the conversation between Mrs.Griffin and James Baca. Chapter 10 characters
Jeff's parents and Detective James
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