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Alonzo Brown

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Untitled Prezi

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
John Parker
CJA 344

Cultural Diversity Training
Cultural Diversity in C.J.
Cultural Diversity has been a mainstay in the criminal justice field regarding the importance of tolerance to different cultures in the country and world

Understanding different cultures allows the criminal justice officials to break the barriers of communication and intolerance because of misunderstanding with different cultures.

This training is designed to help understand different cultures and how to better communicate with each
Islamic cultures
Islamic cultures differ all over the world but are all dictated by the teachings and writings of the Koran and Hadith.
The Koran is the word from Allah (God) and the Hadith is the writing of the prophet Mohammad
The Hmong Culture
Madison has more than 4000 Hmong living in the community.
Most Hmong people come from Laos after the Vietman War where they played a major role with the US CIA. After the war they faced severe government discrimination and threated to be exterminated.
Many Hmong refugees settled largely in the Midwestern States.

Hmong Cultural Practices
2/3 of Hmong still practicethe traditional Animist Hmong Religion and Shamanism, and they still speak their traditional Hmong language
The handshake is a new practice for the Hmong culture. The Hmong still prefer the verbal greeting. Hmong women are especially feel embaraced when shaking hands with a male.
Most Hmong generally do not appreciate comments about their young children because they believe hearing evil spirits will steal their souls
Hmong do not make direct eye contact with people while speaking. It is considered rude and inappropriate to do so.
Native American Culture
The Native American's have been discriminated against since the European Americans came the Americans. Their lands were taken from them and they were forced to move to designated areas. This discrimination continues until the 1980s.

Nativr Americans cultures, belief systems, and customs can vary greatly based on their tribes and locations. The Native Americans are also able to adapt to other cultures they are immersed in.

Communication Styles
Native Americans communication a great deal through non-verbal communication. A weak handshake is considered a sign of respect and looking down is also a sign of respect
Native Americans may also communicate through Humor regarding dificult or sensitive topics.
It is considered unacceptable to directly criticize another person directly. This can be difficult when trying to interview a witness about incriminating information about another Native American
Native Americans also converse through the use of storytelling
Some Native Americans have a negative view of the government because of past discrimination.
Hispanics are the largest minority population in the United States.
Traditionally the family is the center of the hispanic culture. The "family" may extend to close friends and members of the family suppport eachother finacially, in poor health, and in age.
It is also considered socially acceptable for a person to be late for events.
Hispanics tend to take of issues within the family in-house and do not like getting law enforcement involved.
Hispanics are also taught from a young age not to trust the US law enforcement.
Class Discussion
Do you have experience with a person of a different culture? If so what cultural differences did you notice.

Why do you think it is important for law enforcement to understand different cultures
Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice
Examining different cultures of the world
Discussion on how to better serve people of different cultures
Common Cultural Practices of Muslims
The Quran mandates that women wear the hijab which is the traditional dress of Muslims. While some women in western cultures choose not to wear the hijab, most Mulsim women do.
The traditional greeting of Mulsims is "As-Salaamu Alay-kum" (Peace by with you). This is followed by either a kiss on the cheak or a hand gesture from the forehead and a bow.
Mulsims pray 5 times a day facing the holy city of Mecca
Muslims don't eat pork, consume alcohol, and also do not eat any meats that are not properly prepared.
Muslims also only eat, greet, wave, and shake with their right hands. The left hand is reserved for using the restroom.
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