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Resume: Your Advertisement

LSU Career Center

Blake Winchell

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of Resume: Your Advertisement

Name and location of college/university

Degree obtained (written out)

Date of graduation

Your major, minor and/or concentration

GPA (if above 3.0) ; can list major GPA or last 60 hours

Related Coursework

Don’t include high school information
Resume Reminders
Omit all personal pronouns

Avoid wordiness

Provide information that is relevant and positive

Quantify & qualify when possible

Prioritize information in your resume from the most important to the least important

CAPITALIZE, Bold, underlining, italic (Do not overuse!)
Have plenty of white space so the resume doesn’t look crammed (10-12 pt. font size)

Margins can be changed to .5 on bottom and sides

Use top quality bond paper (white, off-white, or ivory)

Limit your resume to one page with a separate page for references

Don’t include personal information, salary requirements, or geographic preferences

Proofread, Proofread, Proofread!!
Resume Reminders
Phone Number
Summary of intent

Changes with every position

Keep it brief and to the point

To obtain x position with y company
List your job title, the employer’s name, city, and state

Related skills, responsibilities, and results of your actions

Experience can include work, internships, volunteer experience, leadership positions

Strong action verbs

No personal pronouns

Emphasize transferable skills: team work, leadership, customer service, communication, work ethic
Highlight activities closely related to your career goals and/or the needs of the employer

List professional affiliations

Leadership Roles, Volunteer Positions
List honors which indicate your strong academic abilities or relate to the mission of the employer

Scholarships, Dean’s List, Chancellor’s Roll

Field Specific Awards/Honors
LSU Olinde Career Center
158 Student Union

Plain word document
Beginning the Process
Who Would You Hire?
Prioritize the information
List everything! Education, experiences, projects, activities, career goals, internships, volunteer experience
Tailor each resume to match the job description
Use updated contact info

Use appropriate e-mail address and voicemail
Building a Personal Brand
By the end of this presentation, the learner will:

1. Understand basic components of resume

2. Identify ways to improve marketability on own resume
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