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Conflict in Literature

No description

Lori Jordan

on 2 October 2015

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Transcript of Conflict in Literature

Conflict in Literature
Definition: A struggle between conflicting forces within the heart or mind of the protagonist (good guy in the story).

Types of Conflict
Internal Conflict:
* Character vs. Self
*Man vs. Self
Internal Conflict
Definition: A struggle between the character and his/her conscience
The struggle occurs WITHIN the character,
NOT between the character and someone or something else.
What would be an internal conflict in our story?
Character vs. _____________________________
Explain it: ________________________________
External Conflict
Definition: A struggle between the protagonist and some outside force.
Types of External Conflict
1. Person vs Person
Definition: Involves a direct struggle between two of the characters in a story
Also called: Man vs. Man
Character vs. Character

Types of External Conflict
Definition: Involves the struggle between a character and the rules or laws that govern the society in which he/she lives.
Person vs. Society
What is a Character vs. Character conflict from our story?

State it: ____________ vs. _____________
Explain/justify it: ____________________________________
Also called:
Character vs. Society
Man vs. Society
Character vs. Nature

Is there a Character vs. Nature conflict in our story?
What is it?
State it.
Justify it.
Prompt and prepared
Always safe
Work smart
Show respect
2. Character vs. Nature
Definition: involves a struggle between a character and the elements of nature that are beyond his/her control.
Also called: Man vs. Nature
Person vs. Nature
Conflict is the struggle between two opposing forces, ideas, or beliefs which form the basis of the plot.
Is there a character vs. Society struggle in our story?
What is it?________________________________

Explain it: ______________________________
For every Conflict there is a resolution in the story
Man vs. Man
Red Riding hood vs. Wolf

Resolution: Wolf dies,
Red Riding Hood lives
For every conflict there is a resolution
Man vs. Nature:
Itsy Bitsy spider vs. rain storm
Spider lives to climb again
For every conflict there is a resolution
Man vs. Society: Cinderella vs. Society (Royalty cannot marry a poor servant girl)
Resolution:The Prince falls in love with Cinderella and marries her anyway.
For every conflict there is a resolution
Man vs. Himself: Beast vs. his selfishness
Resolution: Beast puts another person's needs ahead of his own and breaks the curse.
Without a conflict
you don't have a story.

Discuss the resolutions to the conflicts in our story now.
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