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London Docklands

No description

charlie corner

on 10 March 2011

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Transcript of London Docklands

London Docklands It used 2 be the biggest port in the world.
Ships became 2 large 2 get up the Thames Trucks began 2 be used more often 19th century growth was mega fast In the 1930's 35,000,000 tons of cargo came through the London docks All worth £700,000,000 150,000 jobs were lost btwn 1966-1976 In the 70's the Govermant began a programe of MASSIVE DISINVESTING. This led to more docks closing. The effects of losing the London docks: Docks became derelict. Unimployment grew terraced housing fell into disrepear. Transport links worsend, more difficult 2 get oout by road etc. The LDDC called in. The LDDC set up from 1080-81, and it was a UDC. LDDC had 2 bring land & building in2 effective use LDDC had 2 encourage people 2 live in the area LDDC had 2 create an attractive enviroment. LDDC was a company that redevelops an area in an inner city. LDDC had 2 get new industry e.g. The guardian 2 improve transport e.g. city airport & and extend the Underground. The whole area was 8.5 square miles. In 1981-86 the LDDC's focus was on The isle of dogs. NOT 2 sell stuff and market area Isle of dogs enterprise zone gives things like tax pocket money encouraging new businesses.EZ lasted 4-10yrs. The DLR was an extension to the London Underground. Linking the docks with the rest of London In 1987-90 the LDDC's budget boasted 2 £100 million pfer year London city airport opened in 1987 In 1994 the LDDC began 2 move out. LDDC achived: LDDC achived: Approx £9.5 billion invested by public sector. 24 046 new homes bulit. 85 000 peole now work in the LD's. 1066 acres of land sold for redevolpment. But nothing is perfect: Many of the jobs now avalible do not fit the skills. LDDC developed city aipport, DLR & road. The LDDC made 24 000 new homes. The LDDC developments are still happening in the docks.
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