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ELA group project "The Amigo Brothers"

No description

Caroline da Rocha

on 2 May 2016

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Transcript of ELA group project "The Amigo Brothers"

Caroline DaRocha, Aarya Bhaskaran, Haley Sell, Ella Summmerhill, and Aidan Nolan
rising action
The rising action is the part of the story that leads up to the climax, or turning point.
The turning point of the story, the part where things start to change.
When the story comes to a reasonable ending.
falling action
The part of the story that leads to the resolution, where all lose ends are tied up.
Antonio and Felix
The Day Of The Fight
The day of the fight Antonio and Felix were really nervous and had a plan to knock each other out quickly to get it over with. They end up going through three rounds of fighting, and then finally the referee and two trainers split Felix and Antonio apart. They pour cold water on them to bring them back to their senses.
Advanced English 7 first hour
September 23, 2014

Best friends Antonio Cruz and Felix Vargas, 17 year old boxers who live in in the lower east side of Manhattan in the same tenement building, find out that they have to fight against each other to find out who will win and represent their community in the tournament.
The exposition is the part of the story where the main characters, setting(s), and conflict is introduced.
"Amigo Brothers"

Best friends split apart
Antonio and Felix decide to split apart, so Felix goes to stay with his aunt while Antonio stays in Manhattan. They think it's a good idea if they don't see each other until the day of the fight. This was their only chance in life to have a future, if they lost this fight they would end up broke. Their schools weren't that nice, and in Manhattan wrestling was a very big sport. The town kept building their rivalry and it was hard to get their minds off each other. While they split apart they tried to take their minds off each other but it didn't work one bit.
When the announcer was about to point to the winner, the amigo brothers were walking away arm in arm. They didn't care that this was their only chance for a nice future. The Amigo Brothers will always stick together through thick and thin.
By: Piri Thomas
After the fight was over Felix and Antonio hugged, knowing it was a fair and even fight. In their hearts they knew that they were both winners, and that they didn't care who won.
Falling Action
"Amigo Brothers"
A story that tells you to follow your dream
and to stick together with your friends.
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