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The Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark

No description

Tyrick Humes

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of The Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark

DISNEY AFTER DARK. CHARACTERS Finn Finn is a 13 year boy who is basically the leader of the kingdom keepers. He clever and can think of a plan at moments notice. He will do anything possible to keep his friends, family, and Walt disney world safe. Philby Philby is a the brains of the kingdom keepers. He is a wizard with computers, he can hack into the DHI severs, park security cameras and evem the fireworks launch system computers. His brian is one of the biggest weapons the team has, and it comes in handy on multiple occasions. philby is the red head Charlene Charlene is the beautiful girl that turns the guys heads while walking down main street USA. But she is more then just a beautiful girl with a hot body, she is the athlete of the group. she can do things that the boys cant, like walk on stilts, swim across the rivers of america, Run for long distances, and even do almost every gymnastic trick. While she is strong, brave & beautiful she is not the smartest girl, her mind is not as sharpe as some of the other keepers , but evreybody still LOVES her. WILLA Willa is the girl that considers herself as the wallflower. she is shy and quite but She is smart, just as smart as philby. But willa is more street smart. she thinks about the situations and starts to think about practical ways to solve it. although willa is often over shadowed by Charlene when it comes to looks, she still turns heads, espceally of her fellow kingdom keeper Philby ;). MAYBECK Maybeck is the mussel of the group. He would rather go straight up to the bad guy and just kick them in the apples. He likes to be in charge but offten finds himself in situations that require him to think. But underneath the rough exterior inside he is just a big softy. THE OVERTAKERS The overtakers are a group of sinister Disney villians who are jealous of all the happiness and joy that Walt Disney World brings to people. They are trying to take away the magic. The overtakers will do anything to defeat the kingdom keepers even casting spells on the keepers friends & Family. Amanda Amanda is not actually a kingdom keeper. But she is still part of the team. She is not like anyone else, she has some abilities that make her VERY special. with her special abilities she helps the keepers stay one step ahead of the overtakers. she is very beautiful and is their whenever the keepers need her to be. Although she may seem all happy and helpful she has a dark secret that will change the keepers look on her forever. Jezziblle / Jezz Jezz is a girl that use's her cuteness to lure people into her traps . She acts acts like she is all sweet but jezziblle is a bad girl. she is in alliance with the overtakers. like her SISTER Amanda she has special abilities which is why the overtakers value her so much. But she also has a deep dark secret that she must keep a secret. BY
Ridley Pearson The first of six books setting/tone this book mainly takes place in the Walt Disney World resort and in the Orlando suburbs. It is set in present day. SUMMERY The book Kingdom Keepers: Disney after dark is about a group of 5 teenagers who are chosen for a new Project at the Walt Disney World resort. Disney Host Interactive (DHI) is a program that can make these teenagers in to hollographic tour guides to led guest in the Walt Disney World resort. But when the magic of Walt Disney World is thretend by the overtakers ( a group of disney villians), the DHI'S must work together and stop the overtakers befor they steel the magic of the happiest place on earth. RIDLEY PEARSON THE AUTHOR Ridley Pearson wrote these for multiple reasons, The main reason is to share his love of his two favorite things, writing fun books that will bring children of all ages and Walt Disney world. He wanted to make something inavative, something cool, and something that people would want to read over and over agian . And these
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