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Topic 7

No description

Ezgi Ozel

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Topic 7

Germany German
Conquest Paris France Denmark Norway Poland Warsaw Yugoslavia Greece Soviet Union Belgium Netherlands Moscow Stalingrad WWII, Cold War and Decolonization Concentration Camp/ Death Camps Auschwitz One of the largest death camps
Located in Poland
Approx. 960,000+ were killed Treblinka Large death camps
Located in Poland
Approx. 870,000+ killed The Holocaust (1938-1945) The mass murdering of 6 million + people because of their "inferiority"
Jehovah’s Witnesses
Russians September 1939 April 1940 April 1940 May 1940 May 1940 Luxembourg May 1940 May 1940 April 1941 April 1941 Battle of France
-German invasion a success June 1941 – 9 May 1945 Operation Barbarossa- was the code name for the invasion of the USSR

Germans unsuccessful due to:
USSR's harsh winter weather conditions
Germans underestimated the Soviet army
New land was a major disadvantage
It was hard to supply soldiers with what they needed Leningrad Surrenders Surrenders Invaded Invaded Lithuania
Estonia June 1940 Harman's Argument About Hitler's Camps "...on an even greater scale- he set up death camps in which millions were simply gassed. Both engaged in barbarity, corresponding to different stages of capitalist development. (Harman 512) Nazi Germany Leader Adolf Hitler Harman's Thoughts On Hitler "Hitler was a racist psychopath,with ambitions to establish an ethnically 'cleansed' Germany as the central force in Europe and a dominant world power." (Harman 522) Harman's Arguement
" The German army did not succeed in reaching Moscow and conquering Moscow in the way Hitler had expected"(Harman 530) Hitler's Goal : Expand the Aryan race July – October 1940 United Kingdom Battle Of Britain London Cold War- The race for arms and space Red Scare In the United States 1946-1991 Formation of United Nations- Russia, Britain and U.s. (France included, make up the permanent security counsel) Russians transformation of nations Division of Germany Teachers, politicians and actors were blacklisted Diversion of military budget Capitalism unites world market Developed H-Bomb USSR develops Atom Bomb Sputnik- first satellite in space United Kingdom Harmans Arguments: Invaded Invaded December 7, 1941 Britain helped establish Israel Controlled oil reserves in Middle East Japanese Bomb Pearl Harbor America bombs Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Japan 1945 Harman's Arguments: Globalization of industry took control of the Middle East, West Africa, and the West Indies Isreali's revolts against Britain - US takes over control modern government set up Harmans Arguments: The working class is the decisive political force Challenging ideology Soviet Union Yuri Gagarin - frist man in space Growing economy Other countries use Stalinism as a government model Stalin dies in 1953 slave labor camps revolt slave labor turns to wage labor Students revolt begins Backed by thousands of workers in colonized countries India Pakistan China Beijing Summer 1949: occupied by Mao's People's Liberation Army (PLA) 1937: Japan attacked China Chiang vs. Mao
bigger army better army
wealthier disciplined
high morale CIVIL WAR: Mao wins! Indonesia Vietnam 1949: Reached independence under President Sukarno Portugal Britain
Colonies in:
Middle East
West Africa
West Indies Harman's argument :
The goal was to "obliterate" the country and to keep it under control as a "labor reserve" Colonies in:
West Africa Colonies in:
Guinea Bissau Africa South Africa Southern Rhodesia
(Now Zimbabwe) Whites were forced to accept black majority rule Harman's Argument After movements for decolonization, imperialism is still not dead.
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