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Ancient Mayan Civilization

The way Mayans lived

Avni T

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Mayan Civilization

Geographic location and Climate The Mayans used to live in Guatemala, Mexico. It was very hot where the Mayans lived. They lived from 1000 BC to 1500 AD. Mayans made the belly dance
They also made pyramids that are similar to Egypt pyramids
Their houses was made out of mud and stones
They would carve things like animals or people/gods Art and Architecture Religion Trade The Mayans important God was the god of sun.
The Mayans would not kill their enemies; they would capture them for sacrifice.
The Mayans had lots of religion ceremonies that had music and dancing. The Mayans traded salt, jade, basalt, feathers, cotton, tools, animal skin, honey, ceramics, obsidian, and cacao.
They traveled by boat and traded at the flea market.
They traded because they could get something they don’t have from community.
The Mayans traded with their community. By: Avni , Ajaeb and Reanne Mayan ball game Mayan Inventions Quick Clip Fashion Mayan women wore a sash, shawl, multicolored blouse, and traje which is made out of skilfully, wrap skirt that goes down to the ankles (held together at the waist),and a cinta.

The Mayan men would wear a hat, shirt, belt, pants, sandals, shawl, and a vest. The Mayan women used to stay home and do house work like cooked cleaned made pottery and wove clothes. That is what the Mayan girls used to do too.
The Mayan men and boys used to work in the fields. Plant maize (corn), weed and hunt. Mayan foods Family Roles This is where the Mayans used to live. Mayans had a traditional dish called the Ka Ki. The Ka Ki is a fat turkey stewed in a clay pot for hours spiced up with Cobanaro chili, coriander, Achoite, and herbs. It was usually accompanied by steamed rice, corn and mashed potatoes. popcorn, chocolate, squash, peppers, beans, avocado, papaya, turkey, rice, rabbit, potatoes, sweet potatoes, shrimp, fish, BBQ, iguana, tamales, honey, chili, pumpkin, tomatoes, vanilla, beans, birds, plums, turtles, deer, oysters, clams and definitely corn. The Mayan ball game is a combination of basketball, volley ball, and soccer. 2 teams of 11 players would play the game. They would try and get a heavy rubber ball through a small hoop, it was played in a 'I' shaped court. In some cases the loser would be killed, and would have their heads displayed in front of the court. How it all ended The Mayan civilization was great they had cool things like tall pyramids, interesting art, and surprising inventions. No one knows how the civilization ended some people say that it ended because of a zombie apocalypse, the climate,the gods and so on. Mayan Civilization This is Guatemala and Mexico. Mayan pyramid Mayan pyramid found Mayan carving This is what Mayan men and women would wear This is a picture of Mayans trading beans This is a picture of the top Mayan gods names Glossary Cinta: head rap
Traje: a suit
Huipil: a blouse/dress
Capixay: a vest
Hieroglyphics system: picture writing Mayans invented: a fully developed hieroglyphics system
the number zero in their hieroglyphics system
a telescope
a 364 day calendar This is a Mayan calendar it consists of 364 days. This is a Mayan telescope. Bibliography Websites: kidsnewsroom.org,
patentednews.com, nvcc.edu,
Wikipedia the free encyclopedia.
Links I have used for research: http://
library.thinkquest.org/J0112511/ballgame.htm# , http://
and Google images for all images except the Ka Ki image.
Images: Google Images.
Books:Look into the past ‘The Maya’, ‘The Maya’
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