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Tamworth Country Music Festival

No description

Chelsey McGuire

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Tamworth Country Music Festival

Tamworth country music festival is a chance to experience Australia's counrty music artists at their best. Tamworth Country Music Festival Location Peel Street is the main street of Tamworth
where the City Council, the Telstra Shop and
Sportsgirl are also located.The street is named
after British Prime Minister Robert Peel. The Tamworth Country Music Festival is held in
Peel Street. Population of Tamworth The workforce of Tamworth...
Within the town center the major workforce is involved
in retail and hospitality especially during the Country
Music Festival. Surrounding the town, the workforce is mainly agricultural and livestock orientated. There is a reasonably sized manufacturing/ industrial sector situated outside the retail area. Tamworth's Economy Type of Industry Swimming Pools- with water slides and BBQ's.

Parks, Gardens and reserves- easily accessible and great for hosting events.

Lookouts- gives a great view of the bushland and rural settings.

Walking and Cycling Tracks- some provide challenges while others are designed for relaxing.

Sporting Fields- more then 40 fields in the region. Recreational Facilities The Tamworth Country Music Festival is a celebration of Australian Country music and heritage. Visitors from all across the country and some even travel from overseas to join the excitement. It began in 1972 and has since proved to be a spectacular show full of entertainment and big name country music singers. The Tamworth Country MusicFestival The 2011 Census on Tamworth Region
from the ABS states that the population
was a total of 17,341 people and there
were 4,905 families. Average Age of Population: 43
Male Population: 8,641
Female population: 8,700
Aboriginal and Toress Strait Idlander Population: 1,003

Australian- 8,493
Enlgish- 7,401
Irish- 1,864
Scottish- 1,746
German- 790 Demographic characteristics... Shops in City Plaza:

Baker's Delight
Little Chicken Shop

Darrel Lea
See Food
Hole In One
Colonial Kitchen What sort of retail Tamworth was chosen to hold the Country Music Festival after the late 60's in which the Queensland based CCMA started running a talent quest there. Country music was being overuled by 'Rock 'n' Roll' at the time so to begin with there was very few artists who attended these talent quests. Eventually as these artists such as Slim Dusty made more albums country music became more popular and with the growth in attendance to the talent quests, it was decided that a festival be held instead. Why was it chosen The festival runs for 10 days towards the end of January every year. it is held in Peel St, the main street of Tamworth and there are over 60,000 peopel that attend each year. When and Where is it held? With over 60,000 visitors to entertain country music artists come from all over the country to perform. Big name country music artists such as Beccy Cole and Kasey Chambers perform each year as well as the other country artists who may not be famous. For some singers this is where their career begins. There are buskers and scheduled performances running all 10 days. What attractions and events are held? Tamworth is 304.4km North East of Dubbo. It is situated at 31 5' S and 150 55' E. Tamworth is in the New England region of New South Wales. Tamworth has many of the big name shops such as Big W and Woolworths, so it gains a fair bit of its money through the retail stores. However Tamworth also has a huge agricultural industry. Approximately 307,000 hectares of land are used for agriculture with an annual estimation of $75 million made for the Tamworth economy. SERVICES:
Ashcroft Property
Price Attack
Flight Centre

Fashion Fair
Cotton On
Home Art
Greenapple Kidsmart

Commonwealth Bank
Rediteller ATM Skate Parks

Local Sporting Groups- to encourage all members of the community to play sports.

Tamworth Sports Dome- hosts competitions and training sessions for local teams.
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