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Social Media + Non Profits

Ideas from the JN Foundation

Warren Gordon

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Social Media + Non Profits

Examples of what we do...

1. Volunteer recruitment Take-aways Don't assume that all social media platforms have the same participants
or will respond the same way.

Stay positive! We're bombarded daily with negative news broadcasts etc.
Your SM campaigns should
provide HOPE. # SocialMediaForNonProfits Social Media + Non Profits Why Social Media? Connect with your audience Find new advocates Cause Marketing (Engagement)
Develop & execute Strategies to build interactivity between your NGO & its target audiences (Writing)

Create campaigns and competitions across multiple online platforms FB, Twitter, YouTube etc (Educate)

Share your story! Why should persons be interested in your NGO? Keys to SM campaigns General SM Guidelines THINK LONGTERM - You can't expect immediate, measurable results. SM is about building relationships, remeber? Importance of Blogging In this presentation....

eMedia terms

Brief look at communications strategy
Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and YouTube etc

General Social Media Guidelines

Case studies

Take-aways - Proposed activities will be measured quantitatively (analytics, social mentions, SEO rankings, link clicks, likes, retweets, subscriptions).

- eMedia monthly reporting etc Examples of what we do...

2. Show appreciation Examples of what we do...

3. Advocate Monitoring Why blogs?

- For starters, it's free
- Easy to use
- Multiple users/editors
- Spread your message
to the world! - Listen, then engage
- Use free resources, such as webinars from SM experts
- Engage "influencers"within the industry
- Be approachable
- Engage via "story telling" How do you measure?
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