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Target Audience

No description

Mark Hartigan

on 9 January 2015

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Transcript of Target Audience

Music Magazine Anaylsis
Billboard Magazine
NME Magazine
By Mark Hartigan
Target Audience
The Target Audience for NME magazine would be Male, 16 years old +. He should be interested in indie rock music and like bands such as Noah and the Whale, Foo Fighters, Frank Turner and We Are Scientists as these are the type of bands NME includes. The typical target audience would be going to various gigs and hanging out with friends more than the average person also I believe that these are the types of people who only care about things that interest them and would possibly be more rebellous in their life time, but not on the scale of punk rock fans.
Audience Profile
- Joe is 17, and is very enthusiastic about music. He studies Music at A-levels and is in a band called ‘Jump in the Pool’ where he plays the bass. Joe formed the band himself with a few friends from school. Joe’s dream for the band is to play on the main stage at Reading festival as him and his band go every year. Joe’s band at the moment play at parties and local bars to earn a little bit of money to afford to pay for their Reading tickets. Joe likes band such as The Killers, Noah and the Whale but his favourite band is Arctic Monkeys.
The masthead shown on NME magazine creating a house style on the front cover, with the big block letters of NME, this is a code and is iconic to a magazine.

The central image is also appearing on this magazine which is another iconic code.

- The block letters have continued on through the front cover as anchorage text conforming to NME codes.
Indie rock
House Style
The colours on the front cover are Black, White and Red which tend to be associated with rock and indie magazines.

NME has an iconic brand identity; it has ‘NME’ in the same font and colour for every magazine so people know it's NME when they see it around.

Important aspects and articles of NME are outlined by using brightly coloured shapes. For example yellow boxes or any colour that will stand out from the rest of the front cover layout.
Frank Turner
Noah and the Whale
- They use the same colours throughout the magazine e.g. black red and white
- They use the same font throughout the magazine as well to make sure the readers recognise it as NME.
- NME use a listing on nearly every page of their magazines. E.g. “top 10 upcoming bands”
- The layout of the magazine does conform to the indie rock genre of other magazines such as 'Uncut' in the sense that the focus of a magazine will be on the band throughout the whole of the magazine, creating a house style with not only the magazine name but also the content of the magazine, font, design and colours.
Target Audience
The target audience for Billboard magazine is females 15+ years old. They should be interested in pop artists such as Lily Allen, Rihanna and Beyonce. As these are the type of artists Billboard magazine include. This type of audience for this magazine would skip through artists quickly looking for new pop stars to follow and their life stlye as possibly Billboard magazine folllows the life of a pop star rather than the music of that pop star. The target audience of Billboard magazine like to gossip therefore would love to find out secrets about the latest pop star.
Lily Allen
Similarities and differences
- As billboard is a pop magazine it can use many articles on the front cover to make it seem like it is a busy magazine with loads of articles to read to make the reader think there are getting their money’s worth. – This is different to NME which is less compact.
- A difference between billboard and NME is that Billboard tends to use a female on the front cover and NME tend to use a male on their front cover.
- On a double page spread Billboard will use colours such as pink, black and white to show a fun, sexy women on the double page spread whereas NME will use blacks and reds which is typical for an indie rock magazine.
- Billboard and NME both use listings in there magazines the only difference is that Billboard is looking at the charts no.1 seller whereas NME looks at new upcoming bands.

Music genre conventions
- Billboard has some typical pop music genre conventions it has a young female on the front cover looking good and appealing so girls want to be her.
- As this is a pop magazine for older teenagers it doesn’t follow the normal conventions of a glossy pop magazine as it’s for a more mature audience. However will tend to conform to the gossip style of most pop magazines, making it a pop genre magazine.

Music artist featured
The artists featured in Billboard tend to be female artists such as Lily Allen, Beyonce, Rihanna. They have chosen to put these artists on the front cover as they appeal to the older teenagers as they don't perform too girly music as the target audience its growing up which means so is there music choice which used to be artists such as Justin Bieber. As these artists are 'role models' for younger generatiions magazines will display them so they cover most of the page whether is will be on the front cover, contents page or double-page spread.
Layout, design and style of language
- Billboard use a layout which places the celebrity on the right-hand side of the magazine giving people passing the newsstand a chance to see ‘CARLY!’ first to attract them to then see the main image.
- The layout and design of the contents page is clear and organised as it is put into a number of different sections so that the reader isn’t wasting time which for the target audience being teenagers is a good thing.
- The masthead ‘Billboard’ is in the same colours and same style of font in every magazine so when people see it around they will recognise it to be Billboard.
- As this is a pop magazine for older female teenagers and it’s not a glossy gossip magazine the style of language is fairly sophisticated so the reader feels like they are buying a mature magazine as they are growing up.

Special features and articles
Billboard magazine
-NME offer their readers special features and articles by producing special edition magazines to vary their magazine layout to interest the readers even more. Nearly every magazine will have a competition where you can win free prizes or have free posters, stickers and maybe free demo cds for their readers, making the readers believe they get more than they are buying for.
- Billboard offer their readers a variety of special features. These include Podcasts which are about celebrities that Billboard focus on. Also it includes 'Billboard 200' which is Billboard releasing the weeks best selling albums. Nearly every magazine will have a competition where you can win free prizes or have free posters, stickers and maybe free demo cds for their readers, making the readers believe they get more than they are buying for. Like i said
in NME.
The techniques that Billboard use are asking questions straight from the front cover to attract the reader to find out what the answer is inside the magazine. They lay this out using big and colourful font to attract the readers eye. This makes the reader look through the magazine looking for the answer. As Billboard is a major magazine who earns a lot of moeny they can afford to put A-list celebrities on their front cover such as Rihanna, Beyonce and Taylor Swift. These celebrities being so well known attract readers to look through the magazine, again much like the font they display the celebrities as the biggest item you can see on the front cover and also on the double-page spread as they can be seen as role models and a big deal which magazines will want to express through the size of the image of the celebrity.
Mode of Address
The mode of address that Billboard magazine use is informal language. Billboard magazine tend to take a quote from the person who is on the front cover talking about their fans. They use the informal quote as the reader and fan of the celebrity feels as if the celebrity is talking to them as a friend. This can also be direct mode of address if the quote from the celebrity uses the word 'you' because then the reader feels as if the celebrity is talking directly to them. This direct mode of address is also found on the double page spread but hardly found in the contents page.
Textual Analysis
- Billboard magazine being a pop magazine have quite a cluttered front cover as they are trying to put as many articles on the front as possible. A cluttered front cover of a magazine can make the reader think that they are getting more for their money. Also as the target audience for this magazine is 15+ females therefore Billboard magazine tend to put a succesful, positively represented, young female artist on the front cover as a role-model for their readers as someone to aspire too. Finally they have also put the text on the left hand side of the magazine so that 'CARLY!' is the first thing a person walking past a newstand sees to attract the person and make them pick up a copy and read it.
- NME magazine varies the magazine layout to conform to the bands own style, however they will still keep a house style in the form of their masthead design and colour. The central image will vary as well as it keeps the magazine fresh and not boring , it varies due to the number of members in a band, for exmaple in this magazine front cover, the main focus is on one person changing how the central image is and the use of a close up. This follows the music genre conventions. As the target audience for NME tends to be 16+ males NME tend to put a male band on rather than a female pop artist as they know the target audience won't like this. NME places their brand identity 'NME' in red, black and white on the top left of the magazine as that will be the first thing any person will see when walking past a newstand.
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