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my IEP

No description

Ani King

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of my IEP

My Strengths
Ani King
I have been working on
counting things in
my internship, and now I can count 4 books.
I have been working on
making food choices with
my iPad. I have gotten better at using pictures to make my choice.
I can put pictures in order to tell about something I did.
I have also been working
on answering questions on my iPad.
When I listen to a story, I can point
and answer questions about the characters.
I have been collecting pictures to tell about the things I do.
I can use descriptions to clarify my ideas and thoughts.
Would anyone else like to share some of my strengths?
I advocate for myself by asking others to wait while I am talking.
I can answer questions about books in order to write my book reviews.
I can:
type information for my book reviews
log into my d2l account
send emails
I can count 4 books from the Worlds of Words
library during my internship.
Using my iPad, I want to learn how to tap on the correct app icon.
My Schedule
I love using my iPad to take pictures around campus and share about myself.
I recently presented at a conference!

I used my iPad to tell the audience about
my life at the U of A.
I want to
tell you about
what I can do!
I want to practice finishing tasks on a list at my internships
I am very social!
I like to start conversations with others.
I can use my debit card to buy something on my own!
I can put pictures in order to tell about an event.
I can do all of the moves in my pilates class!
Sometimes I ride
My Team
Does any one have other ideas?
Worlds of Words
I use an app called Pictello to tell stories or to tell people about myself.
I want to learn new words to use when I'm talking with people.
I want to use pictures to help me remember names when I'm talking to different people.
I also want to get better at asking other people questions.
After I find the right icon, I want to start on my own.
When I'm using a communication
app, I want to work on using it to
talk with a cashier.
I want to practice talking about the things I do in my internships
****Writing video****
I can buy my food and drinks on my own when I use my debit card!
I enjoy sharing personal stories about events going on in my life.
I can put pictures in order to tell about an event.
I want to practice doing things to take care of myself on my own.
Welcome to my meeting!
Pilates video
technology video
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