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Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Salsa & Ballet

Tenille Said

on 17 May 2015

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Transcript of Dance


Jazz dance moves have a strong link to dance moves that were performed in Africa. It had strong roots in America around the New Orleans area and its popularity coincided with the rise of jazz music itself. Jazz dancing is usually accompanied by some form of jazz music and early on was often performed with big bands playing the music.
It’s also said that jazz dancing has close ties with tap dancing. Some of the more well know styles of dance are Lindy Hop, Shag, Charleston and Jitterbug.
When it comes shoes for jazz dancers the look for ones that offer support, but also has room for flexibility. A soft sole is also recommended. Most jazz shoes don’t have laces and usually have leather sole, and are black or tan in colour. For those dancers with weak arches there is a jazz boot available. For dress dancers tend to go for tight stretching clothing as this helps with movement. Tights and leotards are one of the main choices.
When it comes to movies and stage shows The Cotton Club and All That Jazz are two of the better know choices.

Today ballet dancers and performers can wear anything along the line of leotards, tutu's, leggings, tights, dance tops, skirts and shorts.
Classical and traditional music is often used but some teachers like to modernise the music and use pieces that are current. It is often written for ballet, which helps teachers, cerograph the dance moves.
Classical ballet includes elements such as graceful movement, story telling, symmetry and balance and well detailed costumes and sets. Neo-classical ballet includes elements such as lots of energy, attack and speed is used, simpler costumes and set and has an off balance feel. Contemporary ballet includes elements such as pointe work, movement and body line is at greater range and mainly floor work is done.
The pointe shoe is made out of shiny satin and shaped quite tight and fitted. There are hard blocks on the end of the toes and slipper, to give the dancers a small platform to dance on and gives more support to the toes. Ribbon is worn tight around the ankles and sewed securely to the side of the slipper.
The Nutcracker and Swan Lake would be the two most popular productions performed in ballet.

A presentation on different types of dance and whats involved with each style. We have used APA referencing throughout our presentation. Themes we will be discussing through our selected sub topics include:

Styles (if any)
Major events
Tap dancers are able to wear anything that suits the production they are involved with, Take for example Jeans, Singlet and Flannelette shirts as in ‘Tap Dogs’ or the full tuxedo as seen in the images above of Billy “Bogangels” Robinson.
Music will also vary according to the production. It may be big and bold, Broadways musical, or orchestral music. Alternately some may dance with no music, this is known as a Capella, where the sound of the tapping feet becomes the music.
Over the years several styles with different cultural influences have merge in too two main styles of Tap dancing; Rhythm Tap and Broadway Tap.
Tap dancing shoes can vary also, However all will have the ability to cast a sound when struck on the ground. Some have metal tap pads fixed to the sole of the shoe, others have wooden pads. The sound the shoe will cast will depend on the weight, material and shape of the tap pad.
Over the years there has been hundreds of Major Productions for both film and stage. Some examples are ‘42nd Street’. ‘Tap Dogs’, ‘Billy Elliot’, ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ and ‘Hot Shoe Shuffle’.

By: Tenille, Lindi, Rachel, Justin & Emma
Hip Hop
Hip-hop first originated in the seventies and costumes were signature to the artist. Most dressed in baggy pants, oversized t-shirts and personalize hats. Today the clothing, not really a costume, is more modern. Dancers wear what they like. In competition the clothing is usually more personalized to the Dance Company or artist.
The original music, lyrics and dance performed by the early artists was extremely political, in today's genre, hip-hop is enjoyed by everybody and has become a popular style of music and dance. Lyrics are more about current issues and dancing is more creative and reflects the hip-hop culture.
The original styles of hip-hop were deejaying, graffiti art, emceeing (rapping) and b-boying/b-girling (break dancing).
Today, hip-hop houses many different street styles such as 'popping' and 'locking' known as punk styles.
Hip-hop dancing is about the artists own originality and uniqueness. There isn't a specific type of shoe required for dancing hip-hop. Basically any shoe that will allow you to glide along the dance floor will do.
Competitions are held state wide and nationally in Australia also worldwide.

Salsa is Latin dance that originated from Cuba as the meeting point for Spanish and African culture. Yet it wasn't well known until the mid 1970's when it took off in New York.
Salsa dance is enriched with Latin-American and Western cultures and has many different styles, Colombian, Cuban, Mumbo, just to name a few. In New York the main style is Mumbo or Salsa On 2, which is a mix of Puerto Rican salsa and Latin hustle.
The music uses percussion, such as maracas, congas, bongos and tambora. The instruments like to sound like the call and response patterns of traditional African songs, which is then parted into choruses.
Salsa has a 1-2-3, 1-2 rhythm but that isn't to say salsa has just one rhythm. The basic 1-2-3, 1-2 rhythm is more of a way to get people up and moving to the sounds. The beat is fast and the musical energy is exuberant.
The dance clothes have to perfectly fit a woman's body. It has to be comfortable and are normally custom made.The costumes worn during a performance makes a big contribution to the overall performance. The shoes have to be comfortable but up to salsa standards. Most men and woman wear jazz shoes.
One of the major events for Salsa is the B.I.G Salsa Festival, which is held in San Antonio, Texas . BIG is a four day event featuring not only some of the greatest names in performing arts, but also music.
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To conclude, we hope you have enjoyed our collaboration and brief presentation on Five styles of dance.

Tenille, Lindi, Emma, Justin and Rachel
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