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USMC Squad Weapons

No description

Christopher Gman

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of USMC Squad Weapons

Grenades M136 AT-4 Light Anti-Tank Weapon USMC
SQUAD WEAPONS Pyro Characteristics
Capabilities and Uses
Hand-held Signals
Star Clusters
Star Parachutes
Smoke parachutes M203 Grenade Launcher M249 Squad Automatic Weapon History 1. Swedish state-owned company

2. Development started

3. Mass production Specifications Safety Devices 1. Transport safety pin

2. Cocking Lever

3. Red safety catch Maximum range - 2100m

Maximum effective range - 300m

Minimum training range - 50m

Minimum combat range - 10m Color-Coding 1. Black and Yellow band

2. Gold or Yellow band

3. No band Employment Considerations Sight Alignment Method of Target Engagement 1. Single
2. Sequence
3. Pair
4. Volley Firing Firing Positions 1. Kneeling
2. Standing
3. Sitting
4. Prone M67 Fragmentation AN-M14 TH3 Incendiary AN-M8 HC Smoke M18 Colored Smoke ABC-M7A3 CS Riot Control Safeties 1. Safety Clip

2. Safety Pin

3. Safety Lever most common
killing radius
time delay fuse
avg. distance used for
hot it burns and burn time
time delay fuze
avg. distance used for
what it does
time burns
time delay fuze
avg. distance used for
different colors
time it produces smoke
time delay fuze
avg. distance used for
time it produces smoke
time delay fuze
avg. distance History Capabilities Firing Positions Weapon Condition replaced M79

who carries it Maximum Point Target Range - 150m

Maximum Area Target Range - 350m

ECR - 5m kill/15m casualty

Anti-Armor Capability - 2in Homogenous steel (HEDP)

Minimum Engagement Distance (combat) - 31m 1. - Round in chamber
- Barrel closed
- Safety on
2. - N/A
3. - N/A
4. - Chamber empty
- Barrel closed
- Safety on 1. Supported Prone
2. Standing
3. Kneeling
4. Sitting, cross-legged
5. Sitting, open-legged
6. Sitting, cross-ankle Employment Considerations who carries the wpn
offensive roles
defensive roles Ammunition 40MM HEDP 40MM HE 40MM Star Parachute 40MM Tactical CS Grenade 40MM Ground Marker (Smoke) 40MM White Star Cluster 40MM Practice History replacing

who uses it Capabilities Maximum Range - 3600m

Maximum Point Target Range - 800m

Maximum Area Target Range - 1000m

Grazing Fire - 600m

Tracer Burnout - 900m Ammunition Ball Tracer Dummy Blank Weapons Condition Codes 1. Ammo on feed tray or mag inserted
Bolt to rear
Safety on
2. N/A
3. Ammo on feed tray or mag inserted
Chamber empty
Bolt forward
Safety off
4. Feed tray clear of ammo
Chamber empty
Bolt forward
Safety off Rates of Fire Sustained rate - 50rds/min
Rapid rate - 100rds/min
Cyclic rate - 850rds/min Changing the Barrel Hot barrel - 200rds or more in 2 minutes or less (any rate of fire)

Sustained rate - 500rds fired w/in 10 minutes

Rapid rate - 200rds fired w/in 2 minutes

Cyclic rate - 850rds fired w/in 1 minutes Definition 1. Runaway Gun Procedures
2. Immediate Action Procedures
3. Remedial Action Procedures
4. Malfunction
5. Stoppage
6. Misfire
7. Hang Fire Care and Cleaning
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