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World War II

No description

James Galbraith

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of World War II

The fall of Germany
The Holocaust survivors By James, Marie-Pierre and Paola The fall of Germany Introduction Germany's army :
- Weak
- Defensive

Allies forces :
- France
- Germans ''home''
- Take Germany

Battle of the bulge :
- Last offensive April 16, 1945 150 Jews 41 jews killed 50 wounded Allied military occupation British (Palestine) Legal papers April 20, 1945 Allies :
- Nuremberg, Stuttgart Immigration policy Berlin :
- Street-to-street, building by building April 25-26, 1945 Israel Post War Germany occupation anti-Semitism & anti-Jewish riots April 30, 1945 Allies :
- Reichstag Hitler :
- Bunker
- Suicide Eva Braun Surrender - May 8, 1945

- Grand Admiral Karl Donitz

- German Instrument of Surrender 1938 July 1946, Kielce, Poland Several changes weakened April 12 :
- President Roosevelt
- Harry Truman

April 28 :
- Benito Mussolini

April 30 :
- Adolf Hitler
- Karl Donitz Bombardment and fire Admitted (United States, Palestine) Dresde Allies 44-45 United Nation 1948 75.5 % of Jews Meeting Celebration Table of contents 1. The fall of Germany

2. Germany occupation

3. Jews and survivors Jews and Survivors London protocol September 12th, 1944 Meeting : 3 sections Hitler's announces Fight to the death Execution Communities Looted and Taken Yalta conference Modified : Febuary 4-11, 1945 Winston Churchill Franklin Roosevelt Joseph Staline Allies France Britain USA Soviet
Union destroy militarism germany nazism disturb world peace Main goal Before - 1933 Allies Victory The end of Camps Holocaust 6 million Moved Evidences Death marches
100 000 jews Germany capitulation Ending : May 8th, 1945 Conclusion Soviet troups
westerner allies Berlin wall After the war Western Europe Communism Democracy Freedom Controlled depriving workforce
reconstruction 1949-1961 Migrations Night of August 12-13th, 1961 Allies 44-45 Structure Families
1000 jobs barbed wire fencing armed guards 5 years
45 000 sections 75 miles 14 centimeters 300 patrols road 65 miles Escape ? sight Death Stripe leaping out along Surrendered digging driving trought made it accros 192 people 1989 :
1000 climbed onto
tear it down Today historic route
marked ground 250 dogs
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