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Thermal Depolymerization [TDP]

No description

taylor mosier

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Thermal Depolymerization [TDP]

Feedstock Output Results What is Thermal Depolymerization? This process can deal with the world's waste.
It can supplement our dwindling supplies of oil.
And it can slow down global warming. Thermal Depolymerization Pro to the Con: Miranda Hurtado
Taylor Mosier a process of breaking down complex hydrocarbons in an oxygen-deprived, heated and pressurized environment to yield simpler compounds that can be used to produce fuels. Definition: TDP is basically turning junk into fuel. Plastic takes millions of years to decompose in nature, but using TDP it becomes oil in one day. Pros Cons The smell that comes from the plant smells like singed hair. The turkey offal they turned into oil at the Carthage plant. The only real con actually has a solution.
The plant in Carthage, Missouri has installed an oxidizer to absorb the foul odor.
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