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Betrayal Lesson Five ; Betrayal's Conclusion

No description

Cheyenne Crumley

on 19 January 2013

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Transcript of Betrayal Lesson Five ; Betrayal's Conclusion

Traitor & Patriot Chart Of Brutus & Ceasar. Evidence : " Our course will seem to
bloody,Caius Cassius to cut the head off then hack the limbs. Like wrath in death and envy afterwards. For Antony is but a limb of Caesar. Let us be sacrificers,but not butchers,Caius. Evidence ; "Et Tu, Brute !
Then fall,Caesar." Evidence; "Romans,countrymen,and lovers! Hear me for my cause,and be silent that you may hear : believe me for mine honour and have respect for mine honour, that you may believe." Evidence: " Or else were this savage spectacle;Our reasons are so full of good regard that were you,Antony,the son of Caesar,you should be satisfied." PATRIOT: Explanation; Here Caesar looks at Brutus as Brutus Stabs Him And Says "You too,Brutus!"
Brutus was Caesar's good friend. Brutus betrays Caesar when he,like the others,stabs him in the Senate. Evidence; "O Cassius,if you could but win the noble Brutus to our party." Betrayal Lesson Five ; Betrayal's Conclusion Explanation : Here brutus explains that while they must kill
Caesar to save Rome from dictatorship,they must not kill Marc Antony as well,or they will apeear to be cold blooded killers in the eyes of the people rather than the defenders of the country . Traitor Or Patriot ; Traitor Explanation: Here Brutus is trying to get the townspeople to believe he is a good person and noble being. Patriot : Explanation: Here Brutus killed Caesar and is basically telling Marc to be okay with it. Traitor Explanation: here caius tells cassius to win over brutus's "noble self" to a party after being a backstabber of a friend. Patriot
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