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Chickapooh Island

No description

Katie Glandorf

on 3 October 2011

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Transcript of Chickapooh Island

Chickapooh Island Monarchy. Katie and Erica. They are the founders.
We came up with the idea of starting a town. Until they die. Yes, they will have rights. Katie and Erica. 1. NO Drugs.
2. NO Smoking.
3. Must wear clothing in public.
4. NO polluting.
5. NO Violence.
Severe- Put in jail.
Mild- Island survice. Yes and it WILL be required. The oldest teens. 1. Health
2. Survival
3. Simple Math
4. Languages
5. Cooking To teach the students how to survive. There will be a doctor in training on the island. We will bury or burn the trash and reuse what we can. A group of 5. In a shelter made of rocks and wood. They built the shelter themselves. 1. Dancing
2. Singing
3. Drama
4. Acting
5. Drawing/Painting/Coloring.
6. Sculpting 1. Sand castle building.
2. Singing, Dancing, and Acting competitions.
3. Art shows. Yes, they will have rights to practice their own religion(s).
So our island will have less conflict. Fairly conservative clothing. With what they came with on the island.
Any material found on the island. 1. Animal meat.
2. Fruit
3. Edible tree bark and plants.
4. Berries 1.Rock skipping.
2.Wood Carving.
3.Darts. Anything they want but does not break the law. 1. Someone to watch and start the fire.
2. Teachers.
3. Garbage person.
4. Seamstress.
5. Doctors. 1.Stronger people gather firewood.
2. Smart people be the teachers.
3.Trained for sewing and for medical emergencies.
No, as long as someone else is trained for the position. 1.The rulers birthdays.
2. When everyone got on the island. The cruise crashed. 1. Surviving.
2. Protecting the island.
3. Value nature. They will go to get it themselves.
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