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Mercedes Larraechea

on 20 May 2014

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Country´s oldest and largest city and port.
4 million inhabitants.

QueenVictoria Building
19th century building.
Named after the queen in commemoration of her Diamond Jubilee (60 years).
In the central business district of Sydney.
Shopping centre.
Occupies an entire block.

Sydney Opera House
It is a
"multi-venue performing arts centre"
Designed by Danish architect Utzon.
Opened in 1973.
Among the busiest performing arts centres in the world — hosting over 1,500 performances each year.
UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007.
60% of the population lives only a few kms from the sea.
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Made of steel in 1932.
It´s an arch bridge across Sydney Harbour.
It carries rail, vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian traffic between the Sydney central business district and the North Shore.
Let´s think!
If Australia´s inhabitants add up to 24 million, how many Aussies don´t live near the coast?
Sydney Harbour
Capital to which state?
A place on the coast where vessels may find shelter.
Sydney is built around a
Sydney is divided into NORTH and SOUTH by the Sydney Harbour.
What does it look like?
It´s close to the bridge and next to the city´s business centre.
One of the wonders of the world!
Sydney Tower
Sydney's tallest building.
It´s also known as the Sydney Tower Eye.
309 m tall.
Has a 360º view restaurant atop.
Sydney´s beaches
Sydney´s National Park
Sydney FACTS:
Inhabitants of Sydney are called
It is on Australia's south-east coast, on the Tasman Sea.
The site of the first British colony in Australia,(as a penal colony).
It has the deepest natural harbour in the world.

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