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Design Review

No description

Atinas Arrak

on 5 September 2014

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Transcript of Design Review

Customer Analysis
Market segmentation
Geographical location: National
Design Review
Design Review is an independent and impartial evaluation process in which a panel of experts assess the design of a proposal.
Marketing Mix
Marketing objectives
Increase review leads by 20% over the next 6 months

Build an industry leading stand-alone brand, with enhanced market presence and profile

Offer an enhanced service to target audience, through new marketing tools and continued communications

Long term:
Grow current applications portfolio by 20% to 696 by 2014 end. (Based on
Annual Report 2011-12,
580 applications received for 250 places)
Design Review
Integrated Marketing Plan
Brief service outline


Marketing objectives - outline of key objective

Target audience, segmentation

Marketing mix - integrated marketing communications

Resources and tools required


Measuring, monitoring and control
Design Review
Offers best independent advice on design quality

Free of political influence

Saves client time and money; assessing design based on environmental and societal factors at early stages

Offers a service which is specifically highlighted in the National Planning Policy Framework

Challenges design - supports and encourages good design and innovative proposals
Design Council
Design Review

Key Objective
Increase warm leads for Design Review service by 20% over the next 6 months
Market research, target market analysis and industry analysis has taken place

Looking to build Design Review

as a stand-alone brand

Looking to open up to new markets, e.g. local authority planning teams

Introduce new communication tools and build on current methods
Promotional Campaign for reaching key objective, and work towards delivering long term objectives:

Digital campaigns - in form of emails and quarterly newsletters (with spotlight review)
Print and design
QR codes on marketing collateral
Web submission forms for more information / EOI's via Design Council website
Websites - external, e.g. banner advertising
Social media
Print media, i.e. design journal

Key messages:
Tailored based on audience and USP's
With a targeted, personalised, customer-orientated approach
Clear CTA's across all channels

Email marketing system
Direct marketing material
QR codes
Twitter (hashtag), facebook, Linkedin, YouTube
Website / Microsite / Mobile site
Web tracking and monitoring tool, e.g. url link ID, click throughs, views, page visits, downloads, EOI's
Market analysis will identify and derive:
Customer buyer behaviour
Attitudes to brand and service
Key purchase / interest drivers
Better segmentation and audience drill down
In turn creating stronger market positioning
Expert design consultation, design review and training
Web submissions
Industry / relevant events
£1,000 for a day’s session
Further costs depend on what client needs
(Derived from client needs, purchasing power, and competitor analysis)
Online database tracking system

QR Code (no cost involved)

Direct mail design and print

Budget for advertising, online and print

Budget for event attendance and showcasing services

Email marketing system with tracking, reporting and links to website

Social media tracking, e.g. hootsuite, hashtracking, etc.
Built environment
People, places, potential.

Results based on:
EOI submission forms completed via online portal
QR code click throughs on marketing material
Click throughs via email campaign
Click throughs to page on site/microsite
Database collation of customer details via analytics tools for website
Social media mentions and hashtag use
Initial 3 month push strategy to build profile and client relationship,
and modifications made where applicable through with weekly analysis
Once product awareness increases, and greater brand recognition, we will then use stronger / targeted messages and communication techniques for pull strategy
Outcomes and Results
After 6 month duration 20% increase in warm leads achieved

Ongoing mix modifications

based on results:

Key messages
Promotional tools based on success
Advertising based on return

Resources and Tools
Thank you for listening
Key audience:
I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have
Immediate objectives:
Duration - over a 6 month timeline
Weekly tracking
Monthly reporting on results
20% increase in 6 months
Long term objectives:
Duration - over a 12 month timeline
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