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Lighting up our world.

How we see.

Matthew Luberto

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Lighting up our world.

Lighting up our world. How we see Optical Illusion Look at me now Try taking 20 steps back and look again.
Still seeing someone wise? Nope, because
its playing with your eyes. Albert created a hybrid image of the two.
The eye recieves different receptors and cells at different rates. This causes a mixed image to be sent to the brain. 3-D Image. No Way! Pop out image. Tv Two images on the same screen that overlap each other. The two different images go
through a polarized filter,
and are each filtered differently. The polarized glasses also have filters in them, and they only let in light that can travel through the filter.This separates the two images creating the 3-D effect Anaglyph 3-D The Red and Blue Glasses Videos are filmed at different depths and angles.
The different films are displayed in different colors
and the anaglyph glasses filter them to create the
3-D has gone from anaglyph to polarized overtime. The Eye The light hits our eyes. ROYGBiV Matt Luberto And Riles McCarthy
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