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Danika Harvey Farmer

No description

Jaci Howard

on 6 May 2016

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Transcript of Danika Harvey Farmer

Farmers Life In Ancient Egypt
Farmers In Ancient Egypt
By: Danika Harvey
They are involved in agriculture.
Raise living organisms.
Raise field crops, orchards, vineyards, poultry, and other livestock.
Farmers may own their own land or work on farms owned by others.
A farmer is normally someone who owns farm land and the employees are known as workers.
Daily Life of a Farmer
Houses made of mud brick.
The floor was made of packed dirt.
Men worked in fields irrigating crops with shadufs/ shadoof
Women did many things in Ancient Egypt.
They baked bread, brewed beer, and spun thread into various items.
Websites Where I Got My Information
During Flood Months
Flood months were June-September.
The farmers were asked if they could work for the government called corvee duty.
Wealthier farmers holding official positions could buy their way out of the service.
The farmers who did work for the government worked on large projects such as building temples or pyramids.
Daily Life of Ancient Egyptians
Ancient Egyptians had some things that are in modern times.
More common people lived in villages that were very cramped.
Upper class men lived in the estates on the outskirts.
If you were rich or if you were poor, you still had very little furniture.
Ordinary people only had one bed or even no beds.
During the summer time, to keep cool people would sleep on their roof.
Daily Life Continued
The dishes of commoners were made of clay.
The nobles and pharaohs ate on gold, silver, and bronze.
Family time was respected a lot in Ancient Egypt.
Women and children were also respected greatly.
Everyone wore makeup to protect their faces from the sun.
Merchants in Ancient Egypt
Merchants were also known as traders.
They traded gold, papyrus, rope, linen cloth, and jewelry.
When they traded they got cedar and ebony wood, elephant tusks, panther skins, giraffe tails.
Commerce was carried on by barter.
They normally traveled in there own country.
Scribes in Ancient Egypt
Scribes had many different jobs.
They record historic/important events, describe every day life, write up contracts, take a census of ancient Egypt, calculate taxes, record court cases, keep track of food supply, and keep calculations for the pharaoh and government officials.
Soldiers in Ancient Egypt
In the Old Kingdom, the king would call up farmers if they needed to work.
The Hyksos people conquered Lower Egypt and the king thought they needed a stronger army.
Once they had a stronger army they defeated the Hyksos and got Lower Egypt back.
In the New Kingdom, the pharaoh would lead the soldiers into battle.
Weapons Used in Armies in Ancient Egypt
Bow and arrow, composite bow.
The composite bow could shoot arrows over 600 feet killing enemies from long distance.
Soldiers In Training
Rigorous training in the Ancient Egyptian barracks.
First got a regiment haircut and then got a coat of wadded leather and a leather/bronze helmet.
The soldiers were expected to achieve a high level of fitness.
Soldiers in Ancient Egypt
Career Soldiers
In the New Kingdom, being a soldier brought little reward.
Soldiers would remove foreigners from Northern Egypt.
Being a soldier became a career with real prospects.
Soldiers conquered other countries.
Learning From The Enemy
At the beginning of the New Kingdom period, soldiers had no armor.
After the Hyksos were defeated, Egypt learned about much more advanced weapons.
Soldiers had really fast horse-drawn chariots.
Soldiers In Ancient Egypt Continued
Archers And Armor
The most powerful soldiers were archers.
Archers used very sophisticated bows.
Armor was made out of animal hide and was not very good to protect them.
Smart Move
Soldiers at camp had good food and wine.
Professional soldiers were paid in gold and land.
Unlucky For Some
The pharaoh could grab farmers and bring them up to a soldier.
Viziers In Ancient Egypt
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