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Copy of Untitled Prezi

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Steven Le

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Untitled Prezi

By Moacyr Scliar
Peace and War
Summary and Plot Diagram
Conflicts and Themes!
Person Vs. Time

Person Vs. Person

Person Vs. Society
Steven Le
David Tran
Tony Ton
Literary Devices
Thanks for listening!
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Violence is very common
In mainstream media, social networks, videogames, movies
War isn't talked about much in the mainstream media. However, it's importance cannot be ignored.
In the story, it is taken for as a day-long chore that occurs a few times a month.
In reality it is a terrible occurance that ends with the death of many.
Theme of
War and Violence
Characters and their Significance
What is the Narrative Mode and Why?
War and Violence


Ignorance is Bliss



Realism vs. Illusion
"Those idiots…one of these days they’ll end up hurting someone’ he took my weapon, stood up and fired two shots into the air."
"Even here she won’t leave me in peace."
"We lay down for our afternoon nap and slept peacefully."
"At that moment we heard a crack and the whine of a bullet over our heads"
"The setting for the conflict was open country, on the outskirtsof the city. The battlefield was fenced off with barbed wire posted with signboards: WAR, KEEP OUT."
"The ground between the two trenches was strewn with debris: wreck armoured cars and tanks mingled with the bones of horses, a reminder of a time when the stuggle had been fierce."
"“How was the war?” the cheeky youth asked.
“Fine,” I replied “ Just fine.”"

‘Peace and War’
'Home Alone', 1990
Narrator / Main Character
Represents Unwillingneess
Represents Self-Destruction
The Chairman
Represents rich minority
Main Character's Wife
Represents Ignorance
Walter's Wife
Represents rejecting responsiblity
The narrative perspective used within the story “Peace and War is from the First Person perspective.
The purpose of this was to create a fiction world where the reader would feel like they are in the story, experiencing it first hand from the choices that the character makes, his/her views, beliefs and knowledge.
Presented By:
Steven L.
David T.
Tony T.
Introduced Name-less main character
Walter, Main character's neighbour and war companion
They both work as soldiers in a war that, to their knownledge, has no purpose
War takes place in the country with fences and signs that have 'WAR, KEEP OUT' written on them,surrounding the battlefield
Main character and Walter are both late to 'work'
Both had blown their budget due to both taxi fare increases and the bad economy
Arrived late to work, but wasn't the only one as there was a long line at the Clock-in machine
Both the main character and Walter began to play cards and enjoy their day in the trenches
While checking to see if their weapons were in operational condition, they were shot at
Walter responded with two shots into the air
Immediantly afterwards, Walter recieved a call from his wife, asking if he was okay.
During lunch, Walter complained about the poor quality of food
Walter and the Main character feel asleep, awoke hours later as night falls
Main character went to recieve his paycheque from the administration
Main character got on the bus with plenty of time to spare, while Walter worked the nightshift in the trenches
Main character went home to enjoy his evening with his wife by biking
Went traveling on bikes, within two hours they reached a small italian town
Planned to visit Italy within a year, but rather keep the future unknown as it is a source of permanent excitement
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