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Advising Students on Developing Resiliency as a Strategy for Academic Success

Region 8, Vancouver, B.C.

Kerry Thomas

on 20 September 2014

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Transcript of Advising Students on Developing Resiliency as a Strategy for Academic Success

Advising Students on Developing Resiliency as a Strategy for Academic Success
Who Are We?
Nova Schauss
Student Success Specialist
College of Engineering
Oregon State University
What are we doing today?

Let's explore the research on
Protective Factors
Fixed vs. Growth Mindset
Kerry Thomas
Academic Advisor
College of Liberal Arts
Oregon State University
but first...
What challenges are your students experiencing?
Cognitive Factors:
Test Scores
Non-Cognitive Factors:
Positive self-concept
Realistic self-appraisal
Understand and deal with racism
Prefers long vs. short range goals
Supportive people in their lives
Successful leadership experience
Community service
Knowledge acquired in a field
Sedlacek, 1987
Brene Brown
Protective Factors
Nan Henderson
Fixed vs. Growth Mindset
Carol Dweck
Laurie Schreiner
Martin Seligman
Angela Duckworth
How can we use this research in our work?
Video Clips
Five Questions to Ask Yourself After a Failure

1. What can I learn from this?
2. What could I have done differently?
3. Do I need to acquire or improve some skills?
4. Who can I learn from?
5. What will I do next?
With a partner...
1. What is one resource or idea that you've heard about today that you are excited about?

2. How can you incorporate these concepts into your work?
Not just for your students
Strengthen Advising Abilities
Advisor-Advisee Relationships
Appropriate Disclosure
What Went Well?
Turn to page 2 of your handout
Brene Brown, Empathy
Eduardo Briceno, TEDTalk, Grit

Thank you for your time, questions?
Seligman, Flourish
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