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Palm Reading

Essential Question

Kate Delaney

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Palm Reading

Why I chose this topic. Palm reading The Major Lines Bibliography The Mounts Palm reading is a fun way to learn about a person's past, future, and personality that has been around for hundreds of years. In this presentation, I will be teaching you the basics of Palmistry. The two main parts are the Mounts and the Major Lines. What are the basics of palm reading? By: Kate Delaney I chose this topic because I thought it sounded fun. I've always been interested in fortune telling and things that predict your personality. So, since I'd already researched astrology, I decided to look into palmreading. The Mount of Jupiter It's located under the index finger.
This mount has to do with self-belief, ego, and chances of sucess. Also, idealism, honesty, and wisdom.
High: over inflated ego and self-centered
Moderate: good character and self-esteem
Low: shows lack of confidence and a capacity for hard work
If a cross appears here, you will marry someone with money. The Mount of Saturn This mount is between the heart line and the base of the middle finger.
It represents practical, career, and business matters.
Full: good sense of style and creativity
Cramped: materialistic and unable to show emotion or love
Vertcal lines indicate a desire for security and concern about finances later in life. The Mount of Apollo The Mount of Apollo is underneath the ring finger and is actually more of a valley than a mount.
It is associated with home life, family matters, the arts, music, and the desire to be happy and creative( much like the greek god it's named after).
Cramped: a scroog-like person who can't be enjoyed or give pleasure to others
Vertical Lines: happiness later in life The Mount of Mercury The Mount of Mercury is located under the pinky finger and indicates intellegence, talent, health, and healing.
Substantial and Full: smart with a talent for communication and listening to others, also may work with machinary or be a teacher
A Cross: clever engineer, technical ability, or plays an instrument
If you find three lines running vertically here, you have the mark of the healer. you have an ability to provide healing(physical or spiritual). The Mount of Venus Venus Cont. The Mount of Luna The Mount of Pluto The Mount of Venus is found at the base of your thumb and is surrounded by the Life Line.
It shows passion, desire, and the feel good factor.
Large & Prominent: very passionate
Full & High: craves beuaty, possesions, and luxury/ this person may be possesive
Well-Developed: has energy and determination/ may have potential or actual world sucess
Too Large or Too High: lazy, selfish, greedy, self-indulgant, and has a jealous or bullying nature
Large & Flat: energetic, big-hearted, and generous
Large(low or high): this person will make money, can't stand budgets or going without things they like, and doesn't like to depend on others Cramped: happy to get along with few possesions, may prefer a lonely lifestyleor might be sociable but wouldn't want to live with others/won't make an all out effort to suceed in a career and probably would prefer a small, quiet life
Creative with a large mount: will make useful and attractive objects
Creative with a small mount: left-brain oriented, wordy, and logical
If there are lines or creases here, you will have difficulty making or keeping money.
Lines coming into the Venus Mount indicate friendships, social life, or membership in something. This mount, located across from the Venus Mount, is associated with travel, creativity,imagination, and psychic talents.
Large and Prominent: restless and enjoys travel
Large: has a love for the countryside and the sea
Prominent: has creativity and a powerful imagination
Well-Developed: they're very sensetive to their surroundings and might even be phsychic
If there is a high whorl or a loop here then you are so imaginative that you might lose touch with reality from time to time. The Mount of Pluto is the bone at the base of the Luna.
It has to do with travel and things beyond the physical senses.
High and Wide: this person is very restless adn gets bored quickly unless on the move
Scarcely Visible or Sharply Turning: you enjoy the occasional trip but prefer to stay at home That one! The Mounts of Mars Upper Mars It is in between the Murcury and Luna mounts.
Upper Mars is related to fighting ability and emotional reactions.
Thick: hard to shock and fights with either words or fists/ they enjoy being where the action is and won't put up with anything they don't like
Thin: this person is nervous and may have never developed much courage due to bullying
Bows outward: has creative talent and may be unreliable or unruly
Straight edge: good secretary, analyst, record keeper, or proofreader/ they interpret and improve the ideas of others There! Lower Mars Lower Mars is inside the life line and around the part where your thumb opens away from the rest of your hand.
Large and Full: this person may have been in scouts, becuase of this they can be counted on to do their duty and is probably a good team member
Flat and Cramped: you are independant and see no need to be in a group or get into uniform The Plain of Mars This is the flat, central part of the hand.
Skilled palm readers can see arising health problems here. The Mount of Neptune The Mount of Neptune is at the base of the hand between the Venus and the Luna.
It represents the link between the concious & unconcious mind or the material & spiritual world.
Well-Developed: you might be a dream analyst, phsycologist, artist, or phsycic The Heart Line This line is associated with relationships and the heart.
Starts Directly under index finger: content with love life
Starts under Middle finger: selfish and materialistic oulook on love
Straight & Short: doesn't like romance
Straight & Parallel: good handle on emotions
Curvy and Long: expresses feelings & emotions freely
Wavey: lack of serious relationships
If your Heart Line points down and touches the Life Line, then you are easily heartbroken. The Life Line The Life Line mainly shows how you act and use your energy. Close to Thumb: you are often tired
Curvy: this means you have lots of energy
Long & Deep: you will ive a long healthy life filled with vitality
Short & Shallow: you let others control your life
Large & Swooping: you have tremendous strength and enthusiasm
Straight & Close to Thumb: you are shy and you often hold back from things
A break on this line means that you have experienced a sudden change in lifestyle. YAY! Now you know the basics of Palm reading and you can share this knowledge with your friends or just act really mysterious while you read their palms. The Head Line The Head Line has to do with your goals and how you think.
Short: you like to work towards physical acheivments
Curved & Sloping: this signifies creativity
Wavy: you have a short attention span and don't like deep thinking
Long, Deep, & Horizontal: you think clear and focused
The straighter the line is, the more realisic their thinking is.
If the Head and the Life Lines are seperate, then you enjoy adventure and have great enthusiasm for life. You Being Mysterious The amazed person Fenton, Sasha. Simply Palmisrty. New York: Sterling Co.,Inc., 2005. West, Peter. The Complete Illustrated Guide to Palmistry. Boston,MA: Element Books Inc., 1998.
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