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Athena-Greek Goddess

No description

M. Narbonne

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Athena-Greek Goddess

Athena's greatest fear
Spiders, one of the most powerful woman in the world and she fears...spiders? But sure enough, that was Athena's weakness. The story goes that Athena once confronted a woman named Arachne who claimed that her weaving skills where far more superior than anyone's, including Athena's; Athena invented WEAVING! So, while in disguise, Athena challenged Arachne to a weaving competition. Later Athena became enraged with Arachne after a discussion and destroyed her loom and tapestry. Some tales claim that Athena was so enraged she that turned Arachne into a spider.
Athena's birth and family

Athena was the child of Zeus and Metis - Zeus, was known as king of the gods and lord of the skies while Metis, was known as the goddess of crafty thought and wisdom. Now, it was said that the children of Metis could overpower their father; for this reason, Zeus became afraid and swallowed Metis, but it was too late for a child had already been conceived. Later on Zeus experienced a massive headache and some of his "god" sons came to his aid by splitting open his head; Athena burst from Zeus' forehead fully grown and in full battle armour. Her siblings were numerous, however, they were not all gods; there was Aphrodite, Ares, Artemis, Apollo, Hephaestus, Hermes, Dionysus and several others, that were not all gods.
Abilities and Responsibilities of a Goddess
Athena was a goddess with many gifts and abilities and also several large responsibilities. She was knows as the goddess of wisdom, warfare tactics, divine intelligence, architecture and crafts. A gift bestoed upon her was being chosen to become the patron god of Athens. Responsibilities included being a shrewd companion to several famous heroes; some consider her to be the goddess of heroic endeavours.
Competing for Athens
Poseidon, god of the seas, competed against Athena, to become the patron god of a new city, yet to be named. To determine which god received the honor, each had to create, or offer a gift to the city. Based on which gift the people liked better, that winning god would become the patron. Poseidon, struck the ground with his trident and a salt water spring sprang up providing the people with means of trade and water. However, the people could not use the water to drink. Athena's gift was the creation of the olive tree; the people saw several more uses for Athena's gift than Poseidon's, so Athena was chosen. The ancient city was then named Athens, and an idol was built there in her honor.
Medusa-the priestess
In the temple of Athena there was a priestess under a vow of chastity named Medusa; she was considered to be a gorgeous mortal while her sister Gorgons was not. Medusa was so fair that Poseidon was attracted to her; so much so that one day while in Athena’s temple he raped her, refusing to allow her vow get in his way. When Athena found out what had transpired in her temple, Athena cursed Medusa, changing her into the same likeness as her sister, with snakes in place of hair and lower body transformed also. Medusa’s eyes were also cursed, such that whoever gazed into her eyes would be forever transformed into a stone statue.
Athena's Sacred Items
Athena had a variety of sacred items, the most well known is the owl, for this beautiful creature represented her intelligence as well as her ferocity in battle. Another object was the gift that she created for the city of Athens, the Olive Tree. While these items are immediately linked to Athena there are a few others; for instance the Gorgoeion pendant was always worn by Athena for protection. She likely learned this from her father for Zeus wore a Gorgoeion pendant also. Aegis, a breastplate or shield was another item also used by her father and herself. The Aegis was said to have been made by Hephaestus. It was rumored to be ageless and immortal, while also being made of pure gold. Included on this flawless breastplate was an image of Medusa’s head.
Athena-Greek Goddess
Athena bursts forth
City of Athens
Olive Tree
The Loom
Battle Tactics
Medusa's victims
And several others...
The Owl
Mount Olympus
Athena's Family
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