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The Ifrane Project

No more Secrets!

Bill Bartlett

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of The Ifrane Project

Grade 8
Hotels of Ifrane? Cleanest? Dirtiest?
Best value? Where are they? Prices
Other Accommodation
Jang Woo
IFRANE: No more secrets!
Onions are a big part of the life of Ifrane in October and November when the onion fields come alive with amazing caterpillar-like stone and onion constructions.
Grade 7
Where to get the best Donuts?
Ifrane has a number of places where you can buy donuts. These are in the Moroccan style with the hole in the middle and dunked in boiling oil by characters working out of shops which are often years old. Prices for a donut range from 1dh to 3dh so you need to know where the best places to go are.

The Lion of Ifrane
This is where everyone heads!
Why do tourists go crazy for photos by the lion? I don't know! Here are some crazy photos of people we photographed having their photos taken by the lion recently! You can have yours taken there too!
Where can I buy chips? How much do they cost? Is there a map that I can understand? Or directions?
Where is a walking map of the best routes to get around Ifrane on foot?
Where are the public conveniences in Ifrane? Do I have to pay for them? How much? Caught short? Hotels that let you in? Best/worst/disgusting? Rating?
What would I expect to pay for a good cup of coffee in Ifrane and where would I get it?
I want to watch a football game on TV. Where can I access a TV for free in the marche and what is the crowd atmosphere like? (could be in
How much should I pay for vegetables at the souk / marche /elsewhere. Could this be displayed in spreadsheet or chart to show the seasonable availability and prices?
How much should I pay for a room in town from a guy dangling his keys at the side of the road?
What companies have their holiday headquarters in Ifrane and where are they on a map? What can a kid do for free at the different hotels and camps? How do you get in for free?
Can other people access things like swimming pools at holiday camps and the University...if so how much does it cost?
Who are the famous people living and training in Ifrane now?
what does it cost to go bowling in Ifrane? Are there leagues? What about petanque or outdoor bowls? Who plays, when where?
Where can I play soccer? Is there a league in Ifrane? Do professionals train in Ifrane? When does AUI play or train with professional clubs. Can you go and watch?
Where are the different schools in Ifrane. How are they rated and which are suitable for which sort of kids? How much do they cost?
Where are the best playgrounds in Ifrane?
Where can I see Barbary Apes and should I feed them. What sort of other wildlife is to be seen in Ifrane area and when and where?
Where do I go snowboarding. How much does it cost to get to the ski fields. and are there more local ones? Is there a map of the ski fields? When does it snow?
Where do I go star gazing? Weather data for clear skies?
What about the cats and dogs? How do they survive the cold and rain? Howe many are there? where is the vets? Do they have charities that can help them?
How do I get in and out of Ifrane by bus? What times do they go? Grande Taxis prices?
What cars come into Ifrane? Traffic flow? Traffic cops? Survey?
Caves? Springs? Lakes? Routes?
Fashion in Ifrane? What do people wear? On their feet? On their heads?
Can I develop my technology skills to show the world the secrets of Ifrane. Can I analyze data and illustrate it as information?
Second cleanest city in the world? You have to be joking right? The internet feeds into this bin-lifting story but how clean is this story really? Find out what people think!
Count the rubbish, count the bins, analyse the water and air. Visit the people who get rid of the rubbish and sweep the streets. What about the e-waste?
Grade 9
Grade 10
Grade 11
Can you tell the story behind these photos?
Keep a log of what you do!
A blog (a truncation of the expression web log) is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete entries ("posts")
Record your sessions!
TTP talk to people!
starting their own 21 nov
November 27, 2013 Wednesday Prezi Course Introduction...no more secrets
November 28, 2013 Thursday
November 29, 2013 Friday
November 30, 2013 Saturday
December 1, 2013 Sunday
December 2, 2013 Monday
December 3, 2013 Tuesday
December 4, 2013 Wednesday “Designing Information Visualizations”
December 5, 2013 Thursday
December 6, 2013 Friday
December 7, 2013 Saturday
December 8, 2013 Sunday
December 9, 2013 Monday
December 10, 2013 Tuesday
December 11, 2013 Wednesday
December 12, 2013 Thursday
December 13, 2013 Friday
December 14, 2013 Saturday
December 15, 2013 Sunday
December 16, 2013 Monday
December 17, 2013 Tuesday
December 18, 2013 Wednesday
December 19, 2013 Thursday
December 20, 2013 Friday Let's get home!
You should acknowledge your sources to:
demonstrate your academic integrity
make it easy for others to find the sources you have used and to check them for further information

0 The student does not reach a standard described by any of the descriptors given below.
1–2 The student's investigation is mostly from the internet. There is little evidence, by way of logged emails or a blog, of collaboration with their group. There is little or no evidence of investigation having taken place outside the classroom. There is a limited attempt to acknowledge sources.
3–4 The student produces some logged evidence of using resources and time in a well-considered manner. The student makes some attempt to evaluate their contribution to their group and the project. There is some evidence of "outside the classroom" investigation. Results of investigations have been analyzed and included in the Prezi and it is reasonably presented. Sources are mostly acknowledged.
5–6 The student produces a complete log that contains details of their use of resources and time. The student critically evaluates their collaboration to the group. There is evidence of extensive investigation having taken place outside the classroom and contributions to the Prezi are creative and well presented. All sources are clearly acknowledged.
chihab-eddine rouji
hafsa salih
Kenza El Abbadi
Rim Bouia
Zahra Benmekka
Claire Smith
Zoë Peyton Jones
El Mamoune
El Amine
Tips and Tricks
Click on an object, then press ctrl+D. A duplicate copy of that object will appear on your canvas. Make copies of objects you like or that you want to use multiple times on your Prezi.
You can make frames by inserting Shapes of a rectangular style like these ones!
You can Duplicate an object (like a photo) with ctrl/D
and then what is quite cool is you can mirror image duplicate it with ctrl/D/shift
Stage 1: SNEEZE!
Who What When Where Why
Who What When Where Why
PLASTIC in fantastic Ifrane?
3 Tell the Story CINEMATICALLY
N o More Secrets
13 Festivals
Nightclub Survey!
Ma run
A-F rough guide to your achievement
level using old fashioned grades (C is pass)
F: You have not been able to provide any evidence of having done anything for the project. You didn't even manage to send in an email!.
E You have given a tiny bit of evidence of having done something for the project but to be honest it is not very good. The email you sent was very short and showed that you didn't really care!
D You have provided some evidence of having found something out about Ifrane but you did not reveal a real secret. Your investigation was limited but at least you do record a couple of sessions and send them in as evidence in your email.
C You have found something out about Ifrane but it is probably not much of a secret to most people! Your investigation could not have been done solely on the internet. You've included some date stamped emails that show that you contributed to the group Prezi and got something out of the project. You have attempted to acknowledge at least one source of your information.
B You have started to reveal a real secret about Ifrane. You investigated away from the classroom and included reasonable evidence of this in creative contributions to the Prezi. Your comments about the project show that you collaborated and you include reasonable details of almost all your work sessions in one reasonably long and thoughtful email. You have made a good attempt to acknowledge most of your sources.
A Congratulations! You have revealed one of Ifrane's secrets. Your investigation has mostly taken place outside the classroom and you have illustrated your findings very creatively on the Prezi. You have reflected on what you uncovered and about working collaboratively. You have clear ideas about how you would do it differently next time! Your email is well written and shows that you have totally enjoyed and engaged with the project. You have made an excellent attempt to acknowledge all your sources. In addition your email provides some good ideas on how other secrets of Ifrane can be revealed.
0-6 rough guide to your achievement using MYP level descriptors
Email: w.bartlett@aui.ma
January 20, 2014 Monday
January 21, 2014 Tuesday
January 22, 2014 Wednesday
January 23, 2014 Thursday
January 24, 2014 Friday
January 25, 2014 Saturday
January 26, 2014 Sunday
January 27, 2014 Monday
January 28, 2014 Tuesday
January 29, 2014 Wednesday
January 30, 2014 Thursday
January 31, 2014 Friday
February 1, 2014 Saturday
February 2, 2014 Sunday
February 3, 2014 Monday
February 4, 2014 Tuesday
February 5, 2014 Wednesday
February 6, 2014 Thursday
February 7, 2014 Friday
Symbols & shapes

From the dropdown
menu above!
My Comments to you with two weeks to go are:
zooms a lot
why random facts when we want secrets?
there is a lot text. Someone can have this on an autocue when you present it
what are main secrets revealed?
it's very long and crashed my computer
it could be grouped and framed
it's a sneeze at the moment
if theme is little switzerland then why not work the theme!?
there is no map
collaborate...all be penguins!
I like your secret life of Ifrane sheep idea a lot!
collaborate on editing the princess diaries as this may have been too much for one person
The nature idea is good and could nicely reveal the cave secrets
keeopp it relevant!
Finished? Please complete the survey. Just clik it!
You can keep your own work on a private prezi that just you have access to. See it as a sort of back up if you like.
When you want to copy your contributions over to the main group prezi:
just frame all the stuff you want copied,
copy it,
then paste it into the main group prezi.

The reverse can be done as well.
No More Lost Group Prezi work because someone accidentally deleted it!
Maps and stuff
There is always google maps but its still not very accurate and Ifrane needs further editing!
You could do that!
New hiking book with maps just being launched in Feb 2014.. You can get the maps from the blog above!
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